A prison stint was apparently all Jason Wahler needed to help him prioritize his life.

"Jail was a very humbling experience," the 20-year-old former Laguna Beach star told People in a Friday report.  "It gave me time to reflect and really think about my mistakes."

One of those mistakes -- an April arrest on charges of assault and underage drinking -- landed Wahler a 30-day Seattle prison sentence last month when he plead guilty to charges of assault and a minor exhibiting signs of intoxication.  However Wahler only served 18 days of the prison term and was released last Tuesday.  At the time of his sentencing, it was reported he could be released early for good behavior.

Although he's still on probation in L.A. until May 2010 due to a September 2006 when he punched a tow-truck driver as well as a Los Angeles city employee and subsequently plead no contest to one count of battery -- things are starting to look better for Wahler -- who is currently filming the horror movie 10,000 Doors

"[Prison] made me want to really focus on my career. I spent my time reading and studying the script for my upcoming film 10,000 Doors," he told People.

In addition, Wahler's early prison release means he'll get to spend more time with his fiancee, college tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski.

"I am happy to be home with my family and friends and am thankful to them for getting me through this rough time," he told People.