"I Am Cait's" second season will include Caitlyn Jenner confronting protesters, trying on wedding dresses and meeting presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

A new promo for the reality series following Jenner's lifestyle transition, released Friday, also shows the former Olympian getting her first photo ID since her transition to living as a woman, as well as an intimate discussion with a friend about getting hurt.

"I don't wanna hurt anybody," she said.

"Don't you mean you don't want to get hurt yourself?" the friend responds.

The clip shows protesters picketing around Jenner as she leaves a downtown venue, with one telling the celebrity through a loudspeaker she is "an insult to trans people."

"I'm slowly coming into my womanhood, but it's a work in progress," Jenner is heard saying over the clip. "I need to evolve as a person. There's just too much at stake to get it wrong."

Season 2 of "I Am Cait" will premiere March 6 on E!.