HGTV has announced The Antonio Treatment, a new reality series starring HGTV Design Star fourth-season winner Antonio Ballatore, will premiere on Sunday, March 14 at 10PM ET/PT.

The series will follow Ballatore and his crew of craftsmen as they transform lackluster homes, offices, restaurants, stores, recording studios and more into "radically original -- yet functional -- custom creations," according to HGTV.

"Antonio's unexpected and gritty style made him a controversial HGTV Design Star winner," said network programming executive Freddy James.

"In his new show, he will continue to surprise audiences with his unique ideas, dynamic personality and fresh point of view."

Each episode will begin with Ballatore meeting with a client to discuss and determine their design needs before touring a similarly designed space for inspiration -- leaving his team to prepare the client's space for a complete overhaul.

Throughout the eventual redesign, Ballatore will receive help from a variety of friends and experts including glassblowers, metal workers, graffiti artists and tattoo artists. Each episode will conclude with the redesigned space being revealed.

In addition, Ballatore will also offer viewers creative uses for unconventional design materials and methods that they can try in their own homes throughout the series.

The Antonio Treatment's premiere episode will follow Ballatore and his team as they transform the gym of former Dancing with the Stars third-season celebrity participant Mario Lopez.

Additional episodes will include Ballatore working with a punk rock family to incorporate furniture they inherited from their grandmother into their space, and helping a professional cartoonist and his wife create a new home office that is reflective of their bohemian design style.

HGTV began production on The Antonio Treatment late last year.