Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay lost a contestant due to a knee injury and then eliminated another chef from the thirteenth-season culinary competition during Wednesday night's broadcast on Fox.

Frank Bilotti, a 26-year-old executive chef from Staten Island, NY, was eliminated by Gordon after being the driving force behind why the Red Team lost their "rock and roll" dinner service. Gordon didn't even ask the Red Team to nominate two members, as he apparently felt it necessary to send Frank home.

Steve Rosenthal, a 34-year-old executive chef from Detroit, MI, also removed himself from the competition because a serious knee injury disallowed him to even stand up and put weight on his leg. Gordon thought his health came first.

The Hell's Kitchen broadcast began with Gordon announcing the team to win the upcoming Craps challenge would earn a full day and night in Las Vegas.

For the challenge, each person rolled a die, and whatever letter it landed on, that chef had to choose a raw ingredient beginning with that letter. It was critical the ingredients complemented one another because those were the only ingredients a team could use in their dish, which they had 30 minutes to create.

The Blue Team picked the following ingredients: cauliflower, Chilean sea bass, leaks, mache, daikon, and tomatoes. The Red Team selected potatoes, duck, limes, lemons, heirloom tomatoes, and pine nuts. 

Surprisingly, the Red Team ended up winning the challenge and flew to Vegas in a private jet. As a consequence for losing the challenge, the Blue Team was forced to replenish over 600 pounds of ice and carry 100 cases of wine and a 65-pound halibut for delivery.

As for the dinner service, the Blue kitchen cooked for Stewart Copeland, the drummer of The Police. The Red kitchen cooked for Steven Tyler, the frontman of Aerosmith.

In the middle of the service, Gordon yelled at the Red Team for overcooking the shrimp, screaming that the group had lost their heads partying in Las Vegas. Frank was also replaced on the scallop station when things got so bad that it was too late to ask for help and he couldn't get it done on his own.

When the Blue Team had finished serving all their customers, the Red Team still had seven tables left to deal with. Gordon ended up asking four of the Blue Team members to enter the Red Team's kitchen and help them out.

Once the night was over, Gordon told the Blue Team they had excelled with a great service, while the Red Team had taken a step back from the week prior. Frank acknowledged how he had let his team down and felt terrible about it. He took full responsibility for his team's loss.