Hell's Kitchen's sixth season eliminated two more contestants during last night's broadcast of the reality culinary competition's third episode on Fox.

Joseph, a 27-year-old sous chef from Massapequa Park, NY, and Tony, a 30-year-old culinary store manager from Chicago, IL, both exited the competition, with Hell's Kitchen's star Gordon Ramsay cutting Tony due to his poor dinner service performance and Tony quitting the show during a profanity-filled tirade in which he challenged Gordon to a fight.

Hell's Kitchen's third sixth-season episode began where last week's special two-hour back-to-back broadcast of the season's first two episodes had left off -- with Gordon asking Joseph to reveal which two Blue team members his all-male team had decided to nominate for elimination following both teams' poor performance in the season's second dinner service.

After exchanging an initial round of barbs over Joseph's failure to reveal the Blue team's nominees in the exact order and manner in which Gordon had repeatedly requested, Joseph stormed into a rage.

"I ain't no f--king bitch Chef, I don't give a f--k, I ain't no bitch!" Joseph shouted before proceeding to shoot down other contestants' comments that Gordon was merely trying to bring the best out of him and he should show some respect for the Hell's Kitchen star.

"F--k that dog, I ain't here for that!" Joseph snapped as he removed his chef's jacket and charged up to Gordon after the Hell's Kitchen star told him his role was to answer Gordon's questions, not ask his own.  "You want a f--king jacket, you want to talk some s--t?  Let's go step outside, f--k.  You want to talk about f--king fighting?

"Oh wow, do you think I'm scared?" Gordon told Joseph after production staffers raced in and inserted themselves between the pair.  "Look at you."

"Yeah, keeping doing (censored) for the cameras," Joseph snapped back.

"F--k the cameras," Gordon snarled back.

"Yeah? Why don't you step outside?" Joseph said.

"Let's do something here," Gordon said.  "I asked you one simple question and you couldn't f--king answer me and then you want to get all tough and up close and personal."

"F--k you," Joseph said.
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"There you go," Gordon responded.

"F--k you, you ain't nothing but a bitch," Joseph shouted.

"You've got no respect.  Now get out," Gordon responded.

"F--k you... you bitch," Joseph shouted as production staffers directed him away from Gordon and began escorting him out of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant.

"F--k all y'all," he added as he gestured with both hands while departing.

"What an idiot," Gordon said.  "Total, total shame."

Joseph continued his tirade after leaving the show's set.

"I don't need this f--k.  I don't need some limey f--king f--k talking to me like that.  Without skipping a beat I'll go back home and I'll work.  Anybody would f--king hire me to work in their kitchen and they'd be proud to have me there.  F--k him.  F--k him."

Gordon continued with the elimination after Joseph's departure, resulting in Tony's ouster.

"I proved myself by being here, you know.  I mean I didn't get a chance to shine so, out I go," Tony said following his ouster.  "But I still think I have the pallet of a god."

In addition to Tony, the Blue team had also nominated Andy, a 39-year-old executive chef who currently resides in Boston, MA, for elimination while the Red team had selected Lovely, a 23-year-old children's camp executive chef from Chicago, IL, and Tennille, a 28-year-old executive chef who currently resides in Fairfax, VA.
Following the departures, Gordon resigned Robert -- the fifth-season contestant who is getting a second chance to compete on Hell's Kitchen after being forced to withdraw from the show's last edition when he became hospitalized with pericarditis -- back to the Blue team. 

Robert, a 29-year-old sous chef from Quogue, NY, was briefly assigned to the Blue team before being switched to the Red team when one of their members was eliminated after the season's first dinner service.

Both teams then proceeded to participate in the season's third dinner service, which they managed to successfully complete for the first time.  Although the teams' comment card scores were very close, the Blue team was deemed the service's winner after 83% of their diners judged their service to be above average, compared to 81% for the Red team.

Gordon tasked Ariel, a 27-year-old sous chef who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, with the responsibility of nominating two of her fellow Red team members for elimination.  She proceeded to nominate Lovely and Tennille -- the same two Red teams members who had been nominated after the prior dinner service -- however the Hell's Kitchen star decided to let both women remain in the competition after criticizing their performances.

"Listen up, because Joseph took himself out of the competition, tonight you get a gift and I'm not sending anybody home.  Last chance, you understand?" Gordon told the contestants. 

Afterward, Gordon also stated he had one more announcement for the cast.

"I've got one more thing to say to you... I'm nobody's bitch," he said.