Heidi Klum continues to take criticism for her support of a "redface" photo shoot on Germany's Next Top Model.

The 40-year-old model serves as host for the German spinoff of "America's Next Top Model," and came under fire when the current German season featured an "Amerindian" challenge.

The contestants posed in front of teepees in leather, feathers and body paint in the show's approximation of Native Americans culture.

None of the contestants are of American Indian descent, and Klum became the target of criticism after the episode aired and she posted photos of the shoot to her Facebook account.

The controversy continues among fans and equal rights groups who are outraged by Klum's perceived condonation of redface. Blogger Ruth Hopkins explained, "Natives are not costumes one can take on and off. When people dress up in stereotypical 'Indian' garb, they're not only denying the existence of 566 distinct Tribal Nations, they're mocking an entire group of human beings based solely on their race and heritage."

Other fans commented on the album on Facebook:

"Thank you Heidi Klum and GNTM for contributing to the fetishization and hypersexualization of Native Women," and "How could you think this would be okay, Heidi? You've seen so many others, for example Gwen Stefani, make this mistake and step up to rectify it. You can't say that you were unaware. For a public figure who is so great with young girls who idolize her, you have let down the single largest group of young girls who deserve our respect the most: native women."

Klum has served as host for all nine of "Germany's Next Top Model's" seasons.