A series of Sharper Image ads featuring model Heidi Klum in sensual poses had to be altered for the Las Vegas airport, after it was determined that they "did not comply with Clark County Code" for indoor advertisements.

The campaign finds the 41-year-old model and "Project Runway" host posing in small undergarments, topless and completely naked at times next to several of the brand's items.

The black-and-white images are accompanied by suggestive questions like "What keeps Heidi Klum busy in the shower?" (Sharper Image's sower speaker), "How does Heidi Klum tune down noise?" (Sharper Image's Foldable Bluetooth headphones) and "What makes Heidi Klum turn down the lights?" (Sharper Image's Disco Tower Speaker).

The ads failed to meet Clark County's Code, because it prohibits "the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering or any portion thereof below the nipple."

However, after Las Vegas-based Alliance Airport Advertising requested the posters to be altered, new, approved versions will be featured in the facility in early January.

"Such give and take is common in advertising, and to suggest the entire campaign was 'banned' is inaccurate," Christine Crews, the Public Information Administrator for Clark County Department of Aviation, told Yahoo.

"Travelers in Las Vegas will see Ms. Klum's Sharper Image ads in place at McCarran from Jan. 3-9 -- the very same dates Iconix initially requested for these ads to appear."