GSN, the newly relaunched network formerly known as Game Show Network, will premiere Fake-A-Date, its first reality relationship series, on Wednesday, March 17 as part of its new weekly primetime lineup that debuts as part of the relaunch.

Hosted by original Joe Millionaire star Evan Marriott, the deceptive dating show will premiere at 10 PM ET/PT and will feature a lucky contestant who is paired up with two singles of the opposite sex. At the end of the dual date, the contestant must choose between the dates. The catch? One of the singles is truly looking for love, while the other one is a pretender out to win a luxury trip with their real significant other.

The honest single will have pre-chosen the contestant as someone who could be their soul mate, while the other "single" has no interest in romance with the contestant. However, the sparks fly as the pretender tries to generate some heat with the contestant in order to be chosen at the date's end. If the contestant chooses wisely, he/she will join the honest single on a luxury vacation, but if the contestant makes the wrong choice, then the pretender wins the luxury vacation to use with their significant other.

As host of Fake-A-Date, Marriott will offer advice and act as a confidante to the participants and interview the contestant regarding the big decision - pick the sincere single or go home empty-handed.

"Evan Marriott is the perfect person to host Fake-A-Date. On Joe Millionaire he had to keep a major secret and now he can guide our viewers as they try to decide which of our contestants is hiding the truth," said Rich Cronin, President and CEO of GSN.

The Fake-A-Date contestant will spend an entire day on simultaneous dates with the singles. The dates will be adventurous, provocative and romantic including belly dancing, strip bowling and romantic dinners... for three. The dates will take a twist midstream as, unknown to the daters, the significant other of the attached single will randomly appear during the day. Perhaps as a valet, model, waitress, hostess - the contestant and the dates will be surprised. The significant other also will make a second appearance at the end of the episode to plant a kiss on the cheek of the dishonest date to reveal their identity after the contestant has made a decision.

"I am thrilled to be hosting Fake-A-Date which takes a completely fresh approach to dating shows. I can certainly empathize with what the contestants are feeling, especially when it comes time for the ultimate choice," reflected Marriot on his new hosting role. "It will be fun to participate on a TV show where I get to watch other people struggle to keep a secret."

Fake-A-Date is a Montana Productions series, executive produced by Paul Buccieri, Jenny Daly and Tim Puntillo.