Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls crowned father and daughter team of Andrew "Lucky" Larson and Andrea "Louie" Larson champions during Monday night's finale broadcast on NBC.

Lucky, a 58-year-old carpenter and outdoorsman who currently resides in Stillman Valley, IL, and Louie, a 24-year-old volleyball coach who currently resides in Chicago, IL, won the show's grand prize of $500,000 after participating in a final grueling "journey" challenge against the two other remaining teams -- Austin Vach and James Vach as well as Chris Winter and Jeffrey Powell.

The last journey required the three teams to travel in a group but work solely with his or her partner. They had to jump out of a helicopter into an icy lake, swim to shore, trek through a thick and dense rainforest, float down a raging river via a hand-constructed raft, get to an island, build a warm and dry shelter, and then camp out on the island overnight in the pouring rain.

The following morning, the teams were instructed to hike their way to the finishing mark and cross a stream along the way. Once there, the pairs were picked up by a helicopter and met with survival expert Bear Grylls to determine the competition's winner.

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls began with 10 teams trying to avoid weekly elimination by completing difficult tasks and surviving the "unforgiving and dramatic landscape of New Zealand's South Island," according to the network.