Fox has revealed the identities of the nine contestants who will compete on Unan1mous, its new "open-ended" reality series that will premiere Wednesday, March 22 at 9:30PM ET/PT and air regularly in the network's highly coveted post-American Idol results show time period.

A Big Brother-like series. Unan1mous will feature nine strangers from numerous walks of life locked in a "bunker" (complete with nasty looking exposed piping) and competing to win a $1.5 million cash prize.

However unlike other "cut off from the outside world" hidden camera reality shows like Big Brother, the nine contestants competing on Unan1mous won't be voting each other out of the bunker. Instead, all of Unan1mous' contestants will remain trapped stuck inside the bunker until they come to a unanimous decision (thus the show's title) about which one of the contestants should receive the show's grand prize, after which the show will end.

Naturally, the show's producers aren't anticipating that the strangers will quickly agree about who should be awarded the prize, so Unan1mous will also feature a couple of twists.

The first twist will be a "money clock." Shortly after entering the bunker, the contestants will face their first vote regarding who should win the money. If the vote is not unanimous, then the "money clock" will activate and the $1.5 million prize will begin losing potentially thousands of dollars of value every hour until the next vote occurs. In short, the longer it takes the contestants to decide on a winner, the less money the person will win.

The second twist will involve a traditional reality TV staple -- eliminating contestants. Like tradition reality elimination shows, Unan1mous will "eliminate" one contestant each week. However, unlike typical reality TV eliminations, Unan1mous' eliminated contestants will continue to live in the bunker and vote for who should win the show's grand prize, with their "elimination" simply making them ineligible to win the show's prize.

Unan1mous' voting will be largely no holds barred, with each member of the show's cast -- which will include contestants with different social, political, and religious beliefs -- free to tell whatever personal details, secrets, or lies that they think will help convince their fellow contestants that they deserve the money.

The nine contestants who will be competing on Unan1mous -- which Fox described as "in progress" when it first announced the show last week -- will be:

Adam, a 35-year-old professional poker player and bartender. Adam is "very liberal and competitive."

Jameson, a 38-year-old human resources manager. In his spare time, Jameson is a gay activist.

Jamie, a 24-year-old choreographer. Jamie is a bow and rifle hunter.

Jonathan, a 30-year-old self-described womanizer who works in real estate finance.

Kelly, a 49-year-old minister. Kelly is a conservative Republican.

Richard, a 42-year-old "very opinionated" writer.

Steve, a 43-year-old truck driver. A conservative Christian, Steve is married and has three kids.

Tarah, a 25-year-old designer. Tarah is a young Republican.

Vanessa, a 36-year-old first grade teacher. A married mother of two, Vanessa is an atheist and liberal.

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