Zach Lipovsky was revealed to be fourteenth finalist eliminated from On the Lot during last night's live broadcast of the Fox reality filmmaking competition series.

Although home viewers didn't learn of his elimination until last night's broadcast, Zach, a 23-year-old special effects editor from Vancouver, BC, Canada, had learned of his elimination from On the Lot host Adrianna Costa last Wednesday -- less than a day after last week's screening of the automobile-themed films the show's Top 5 finalists had produced. Since The Bonus Feature, his previous week's film, had centered around a time-traveling vehicle, Zack had created The Bonus Feature Two, a pirate-themed sequel, for the competition's Top 5 round.

Prior to Adrianna's elimination announcement, both Zack and Jason Epperson, a 30-year-old film production company owner from Winchester, KY, had voiced concern about the judges' reactions to their films and their chances of receiving enough home viewer votes to make it into On the Lot's Top 4.

"I just think you're capable of being so extraordinary and that's why I'm being tougher on you," On The Lot judge Carrie Fisher had told Zack after last week's The Bonus Feature Two screening.

"I definitely don't feel safe but I feel better about it than I did last week," Zack had told the rest of his fellow finalists prior to learning his fate.

Prior to announcing Zack's elimination, Adrianna also revealed that Sam Friedlander, a 27-year-old web producer from Santa Monica, CA, had been the other member of the week's bottom two vote-getters.

Although many had deemed him to be the competition's frontrunner, Zack seemed to take the news of his elimination well. "I'm not really leaving with very many regrets, I felt like I gave it my all," Zack told the cameras. "All this kinda means to me is I'm gonna have to wait for that key to the gates of DreamWorks."

"The whole experience has easily been a dream come true, I couldn't be more grateful to all the filmmakers that helped me do it," Zack added before he began to choke up and walked off-screen.

Given he'd been a judges' favorite, Zack's elimination surprised his fellow remaining finalists.

"From the beginning, I thought Zack was going to win this thing. Now the game is on, I mean it's open, I don't know who is going to win this thing," Will Bigham, a 31-year-old film editor from Glendale, CA, explained.

"Seeing Zack have to leave is heartbreaking, this was the toughest elimination that I've been through," Jason, whose The Move film had also been criticized by Carrie, told the cameras.

After revealing the voting results from last week, On the Lot's broadcast screened the new films the Top 4 finalists had produced following Zack's elimination. All four films were inspired the "a man wakes up and finds himself in a dress but can't remember what happened the night before" log line -- the winning entry from the show's America's Choice Log Line Challenge.
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The Italian Job movie director F. Gary Gray joined Carrie and fellow regular On The Lot judge Garry Marshall as this week's guest judge.

Will screened The Yes Men, a film about a tyrannical office boss that woke up in a dress but seemed oblivious to the development. Sam presented Dress For Success, a strange Nine to Five/Saw hybrid about a sexist male boss that was abducted and forced to walk a mile in his female co-workers' shoes. Adam Stein, a 29-year-old freelance film editor from Los Angeles, CA, screened Army Guy, a film about an amnesiac toy soldier that woke up wearing a tutu in a dollhouse full of Barbie-like dolls. Jason presented Oh, Boy, a film about a man that woke up wearing a dress and strapped with explosives.

After the four aspiring directors screened their films, all three judges agreed that Adam's film -- which didn't reveal that all the characters were toys until its ending -- had been their favorite.

Next week, On The Lot's August 14 broadcast will reveal which Top 4 finalist was eliminated based on the results of last night's home viewer voting. After that, the three remaining finalists will screen their final films. The week after that, On The Lot's August 21 broadcast will reveal the identity of the $1,000,000 DreamWorks development deal winner that received the most home viewer votes after the show's August 14 broadcast.