Fox has revealed its Fall 2014 schedule and announced American Idol's fourteenth season will be slimmed down and may not include a results show when it returns next January.

"I think you'll see a two-night format initially, at least during the audition phase, but I think it's quite likely -- and we have not locked into it exactly -- but I think it's quite likely that it'll be a two-hour show on one night through most of its run," Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly told reporters during a Monday conference call, according to HitFix.

As of now, American Idol will reportedly air only about 37 hours next spring compared to its usual run of 50-plus hours. Fox did not announce a 2014-2015 midseason schedule nor did Reilly disclose what nights Idol's fourteenth season will air presumably because of the uncertainty of its format.

When asked whether he anticipates American Idol making a comeback after seasons of declining ratings, Reilly told reporters, "I don't think it's a matter of turning around. I think it's about being a vital show..."

Reilly continued, "Idol is not gonna come back to being the ratings champion it once was, but what we believe is the show can be on the air for many years to come and will be a potent time period contender and a top-rated unscripted show that's a quality show, that people love that we can do business with, in the same way that Survivor hasn't been at the top-ratings for many years and it has vital seasons year after year."

Survivor is currently in its 28th season and fourteenth year yet has been beating Idol's ratings recently. The reality singing competition is now in its thirteenth edition.

"That's the mode we're now in with Idol. It's not about turning it around. I think that story's been filed and now it's just about making it a good show for many years to come," added Reilly, according to HitFix.

"The judging panel's amazing. The set is beautiful. The production values are top notch. It's more just a matter of maturation and gravity," Fox COO Joe Earley added.

Reilly then reportedly interjected Earley's comment, saying it's not a huge surprise Idol hasn't been delivering excellent ratings.

"Look, the show's 13 years old. I think eventually, you know... Plenty's been written about it's epic run. I think at a certain point, 13 years in, with the category sorta very crowded, you're seeing that in general on these competition shows. I mean, The Voice had an incredible year, but it's been down every quarter that it's been on. That's just what's happening in that particular category," he told reporters.

Reilly also said he's optimistic about Idol's current judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban returning next season.

"I think it's likely," Reilly said, according to HitFix. "We don't ever really confirm that until after the season wraps, but we're getting good indications from all of them."

American Idol's host Ryan Seacrest has already reportedly inked a deal to return next season, according to Deadline Hollywood.