Viewers will apparently see some March Madness unfold during the next two Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites episode broadcasts.

"There's so much crazy stuff to come -- the kind that the producers pray to the reality gods for," Survivor host Jeff Probst told TV Guide in the magazine's March 17 issue.

(SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to have any idea about what happens during Survivor: Micronesia's next two episode broadcasts, please stop reading this article immediately!)

After puncturing his right knee in the Reward Challenge featured on last week's Survivor: Micronesia broadcast, castaway Jonathan Penner saw the injury grow increasingly infected -- a move that will eventually force the 46-year-old former Survivor: Cook Islands contestant to exit the competition during the show's March 13 episode.

"There was a certain point where our doctor said, 'You're done.  If the infection's not treated, it will spread to your lymph nodes and kill you,'" Probst told TV Guide.

Penner -- who was reportedly taken to the nearest hospital and has since fully recovered -- apparently isn't the only Survivor: Micronesia castaway to leave the game without a Tribal Council vote.

While Probst wouldn't divulge to TV Guide whether the second exit is the result of an injury, he said another castaway will leave the game prematurely during the Wednesday, March 19 broadcast.

"It's a testament to the wear and tear -- not only physically -- but emotionally, that this game can take," Probst told TV Guide.

Despite the fact that two Survivor: Micronesia castaways left the competition prematurely, Probst told TV Guide both the March 13 and 19 episodes also include Tribal Council visits -- meaning a total of four castaways will exit the game over the next two broadcasts.

"Thank God we started with 20 people," Probst told TV Guide.

Penner represents the fourth Survivor castaway evacuated from the game due to medical reasons. 

Survivor: The Australian Outback castaway Michael Skupin was evacuated after he suffered burns from falling into his tribe's fire pit; Survivor: Panama castaway Bruce Kanegai was evacuated due to severe stomach pain and constipation; and Survivor: Fiji castaway Gary "Papa Smurf" was evacuated after suffering an allergic reaction to bug bites he received.
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In addition, several castaways have quit the show for various over the years, including Survivor: All-Stars' Jenna Morasca and Susan Hawk; Survivor: Pearl Islands' Osten Taylor; Survivor: Palau's Janu Tornell and Jeff Wilson; and (arguably) Jon Dalton from earlier this season.