Corey Haim reportedly obtained a lot of prescription pills from a lot of different doctors prior to his death last month.

The former The Two Coreys star and teen idol used "doctor shopping" to obtain 553 prescription pills -- including Valium, Vicodin, Xanax and Soma -- in the two months before his death, California Attorney General Jerry Brown told The Associated Press in a Tuesday report.

Brown said it appears the doctors were unaware that Haim was obtaining pills from multiple sources, according to The AP, which added investigators have also verified that Haim filled thousands of prescriptions prior to this year.

"We think it illustrates a problem that is more widespread," Brown told The AP, calling Haim the "poster child" for prescription pill abuse.

In addition, Brown said Haim's ability to obtain the prescription pills from different doctors and pharmacies is separate for a fraudulently-obtained prescription Haim might have obtained, according to The AP.

Brown said that Haim was able to secure the prescriptions for the doctors by complaining of specific symptoms like shoulder pain and using emergency rooms to obtain the drugs.

Haim's agent Mark Heaslip did not return The AP's request for comment.