Haverhill, Mass., boxer Jeffrey Fraza, known as "Hell Raza" on a TV reality show, died after being hit by a commuter train, transit authority officials said.

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority spokeswoman Lydia Rivera said the commuter train had finished its Friday night run and was returning to Boston when it struck and killed Fraza on the Haverhill tracks Saturday around 1:24 a.m., the Boston Herald reported.

"I was just told that he was walking the tracks, heading back home, and he's done that many times before," said Sylvia Pastrana, his former girlfriend and mother of their 14-year-old son, Antonio.

Local boxing legend Micky Ward trained Fraza, who gained fame on the 2005 NBC show "The Contender" and was attempting to make a comeback after battling Crohn's disease.

"He was going to try to make another run at it," said Ward. "It's just a shame."