Melissa Rycroft, who was jilted on the U.S. reality series "The Bachelor" in 2008, said she married her boyfriend, Tye Strickland, in Mexico.

E! Online said Rycroft, 26, confirmed she married the insurance agent, who she has been dating on and off for several years, on Saturday.

"Tye is my best friend in the world, and now he's my partner forever. We have had such a journey within our relationship, that to finally look at him and see my husband, gives me the calmest, most content feeling in the world," Rycroft said.

Rycroft, a correspondent on "Good Morning America," gained notoriety after appearing on "The Bachelor" during the show's 13th season.

After being chosen as the winner of the series by bachelor Jason Mesnick, Rycroft and Mesnick became engaged. Yet weeks later, Mesnick revealed he split from Rycroft and instead wanted a relationship with "Bachelor" runner-up Molly Malaney.

"I'm really happy for her," Mesnick told People magazine of Rycroft's new romance. "This whole journey took her to a place where things looked like they were down for her. But then she ended up with the person she was mean to be with. That's what life's all about."