Baron "Dirty" Colon has been arrested for allegedly murdering artist Marcelo Vera during a robbery.

The former From G's to Gents star was jailed on charges of first-degree murder and armed burglary last week and faces arraignment on January 28 in Miami-Dade circuit court, the Miami Herald reported.

Vera was killed in January 2006, several years before Colon's participation in the second edition of MTV's For G's to Gents, which aired in early 2009 and attempted to transform "gangstas" into gentlemen.

According to Miami-Dade police, Colon and three of his associates -- Stephany Concepcion and two men only known as "Big Killer" and "Crazy Dread" -- were attempting to rob 44-year-old Vera in response to unresolved tension between the artist and Concepcion when the murder occurred.

Concepcion -- who had previously worked for Veras and claimed to be in another room when he was shot -- was reportedly arrested, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison after police found her stranded on the front lawn of Vera's home after the robbery went wrong and her accomplices took off without her.

While Concepcion implicated Colon and he immediately became a suspect in the case, the police were not able to arrest him based solely on her testimony.

However Colon, a 24-year-old from Miami Gardens, FL, allegedly ended up incriminating himself when got involved with a cocaine operation that was the subject of an undercover police investigation last year, according to authorities.

According to his arrest warrant, a confidential informant secretly recorded Colon confessing to shooting Veras with one of the other men and disclosing several details that only Veras' killer could know.

Colon made it to From G's to Gents' final foursome and outlasted 11 of the 15 contestants who were attempting to win the competition's $100,000 prize before being eliminated.

During the premiere, he had claimed that he really wanted to better himself.

"I got two kids. I want to be in the gentleman's club because I want to change, for them," Colon said. "If I don't change, there's only going to be two things: prison, or death."