Samantha Harris is as busy as ever, however she still misses her Dancing with the Stars co-hosting gig.

"It was a very big part of my life for eight seasons -- four years," Harris told Us Weekly on Saturday.

Harris announced in January that she wouldn't be returning for Dancing with the Stars' tenth season to instead focus more on her work at Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

"I am so busy with every day at ET. I'm leaving for London and Cannes this week, and I just came back from Hawaii from a set visit," she told Us.

"There is a lot going on, but I am watching this season, and I'm talking about it every day on ET and I am cheering them on."

In addition to her new job, Harris said raising her young daughter Josselyn Sydney is also time consuming.

"Potty training is getting a little tedious," she told Us.

"She does it a little bit and then doesn't do it. Then she does it, and then doesn't do it.  So we're going to have to just... go hard-core maybe at some point, but only when she's ready."
Harris added she thinks her replacement Brooke Burke -- who won Dancing with the Stars' Fall 2008 seventh season -- is "doing a great job."

"It's a very difficult job to do and I think she is getting through it," she told Us.

In addition, Harris said she's rooting for Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger to take home the tenth-season mirror ball trophy.

"I will always love a good dancing. So of course Nicole is someone to watch," she told Us. "I really enjoy the beauty of her lines and what she brings to the floor every night."