Does Erin Brodie, the winner of NBC's first For Love Or Money, who threw a check for about $465,000 into the fire for a chance to double her money (or meet her real soulmate) in For Love Or Money 2, find love at the end of the show? Or does she win the dough and dump her beau? Or does she walk away with nothing more than lint in her pockets? We don't know. However, we do know, according to the Los Altos (CA) Town Crier, that Erin is now moving to Los Angeles, to "explore opportunities in the entertainment field."

Erin, a lifelong resident of Silicon Valley, lost her four-year managerial job at Advent Software, which she had kept through the software boom and bust times, because of her extended leave from work to do both For Love Or Money shows. Instead of looking for a new job in the Valley, she has decided to switch careers and hometowns.

With her family background, plus her looks, plus her own athletic experience (tennis, swimming, soccer), plus her degree from USC in communications and television production, we believe that Erin may well have a future career in TV sports broadcasting at the very least. However, we can't help but note two things:

(1) this decision makes it perfectly clear that Erin really didn't "need the money for her parents" ... no matter what she told Rob Campos

(2) unless her selected guy is from L.A. or the Southland and she's moving to be near him, like Trista Rehn from ABC's The Bachelorette, it may be the case that Erin does NOT find true love in FLOM 2.