Sharp-eyed reality television fans watching last week's premiere of "For Love Or Money 2" might have felt that bachelor suitor Eric Ferch looked just a little too familiar. If so, there's a good reason -- it turns out that Ferch just recently appeared on television in another NBC reality relationship show -- the network's "Meet My Folks" (which like "For Love Or Money," is also produced by producer Bruce Nash.)

An apparent serial reality show contestant, the 27 year old "media planner" (does that mean his occupation consists of planning his next media appearance?) appeared on the Saturday, February 8, 2003 episode of "Meet My Folks."
Eric & The Scantlins
Along with two other men, Ferch visited with the Scantlin family and vied for the affection of their 25 year old daughter Melana. During the program Eric came across as extremely cheap, professed to being a virgin, and was said by his brother to be a frequent cryer -- a true drama queen (king?) in the making. While the lie detector portion of the program later determined that Eric was being less than truthful regarding his virgnity claims (although he still claims to be a virgin in post-show interviews) it wasn't any help in rebuking his perception of being "extremely frugal." Despite all this, and much to Melana's disappointment, in the end the Scantlin parents opted to select Eric to take a trip to Hawaii with their daughter.

Two thumbs down to Eric for what can't be viewed as anything other than the actions of a true desperate media whore And double shame to Nash Productions for insulting the viewing audience by so quickly attempting to recycle a reality has-been (hey, at least FOX waited two years before bringing back Toni Ferrari!)