The clock slung around Flavor Flav's neck is constantly ticking, but the 48-year-old Flavor of Love bachelor apparently feels that doesn't mean he's desperate.

"I ain't going to do it again," Flav told USA Today in a Monday report.  "[Too many tries] make people think Flav can't find real love."

While Flavor of Love's currently airing third season will follow a similar format to the show's first two editions and feature the Public Enemy rapper whittling down a group of women vying for his heart, the outcome will apparently be different.

"I would have to say this season has a very happy ending," executive producer Mark Cronin told USA Today. "You can't predict the future of a relationship, but this is the best choice of anybody he's ever made."

Flav previously characterized Flavor of Love's 14-episode third season as "bananas," and he apparently wasn't just blowing smoke, as dates will include sky diving, flying loops in a plane and swimming with sharks, according to USA Today, which also added fans can expect a "midseason twist" and France-filmed finale.

"We were kind of joking that Flav was going to find love or die trying," executive producer Cris Abrego told USA Today.

"You're gonna find Flavor Flav in a casket. I die on my show," Flav cryptically told USA Today. "[But] I do come back to life."

Flavor of Love's Winter 2006 first season ended with him selecting Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander as the show's winner over Tiffany "New York" Pollard.  However the two eventually decided they were better suited to be friends, which prompted Flavor of Love's Summer 2006 second season and the return of Pollard, who once again tried to woo Flav. 

While Pollard made it all the way to the final chain ceremony, Flav eventually chose Chandra "Deelishis" Davis and spurred Pollard for a second time.

While Flavor of Love wasn't on the air for more than a year, that doesn't mean its star wasn't busy, as he had a son with another woman during the show's hiatus. Now more family could be on the way for Flav, who apparently feels he had a good pool of women to choose from during the third season.

"Out of all the girls on my show this season, I'll say maybe eight of them was really for me," he told USA Today.

Flav also took the opportunity to dispel critics who claim VH1's The Bachelor-like reality dating show is demeaning and disrespectful to women while also fueling racial stereotypes.

"You'll never see Flavor Flav disrespect women," he told USA Today. "To take a group of girls who grew up so different and put them in a house together for the first time, you're going to get conflict. It's not me making them do it. I ain't Flav Springer."
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Cronin also defended the lucky ladies vying for Flav's attention... sort of.

"If people are shocked at the way the women behave with Flavor Flav, I say that's part of the fun," he told USA Today.  "These are women who actually are attracted to him. Right there, you know there's a problem."

Flav has no plans of doing another Flavor of Love following the third season -- he's begun to busy himself with other endeavors, such as planning both a solo and Public Enemy album for this year, USA Today reported.

In addition, Flav is also in production on Under One Roof, a new MyNetworkTV sitcom scheduled to premiere in April.  Flav will play Calvster Hill, an ex-convict who moves in with his wealthy, conservative brother Walter.

"Flav is funny, [but] we've never seen Flav be other than Flav," Abrego told USA Today.

Flav also has his heart set on someday hosting a talk show.

"As Flav says, it's always been his dream to be Flavsenio Hall," Cronin told USA Today.