Yvonne Powless was eliminated from America's Next Top Model: College Edition during The CW's broadcast of the nineteenth season's sixth episode last week.

Yvonne, a 5' 8 1/2" 20-year-old student from Minneapolis, MN attending the University of Texas at Austin, was ousted from the competition after she found herself in the bottom two based upon her total combined scores from the challenge, Top Model's three judges and home viewers' fan vote.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Yvonne talks about her America's Next Top Model: College Edition experience.

Reality TV World: Were you ultimately surprised to be eliminated? Did you somewhat sense it was coming beforehand?

Yvonne Powless: I wasn't surprised much at all! I had been in the bottom two twice before. We did that math and knew it would be me and Victoria.

Reality TV World: During Friday night's episode, the show portrayed you as often being in a bad mood where you'd complain about things or be grumpy and stuff like that. Do you think the editing made your "complaining" and such appear worse than it really was, or would you say it was pretty accurate?

Yvonne Powless: I certainly think the show was edited to make me look worse than I am. As far as what we did on the show, how could you complain about crazy fun challenges and free hair and makeup? The conversation on the show about having to wait for the "other girls" was about the eliminated girls not the girls still on the show.
Reality TV World: Because you often seemed unhappy while modeling and taking into account the few comments you made while on the phone with someone during Friday night's episode about how some aspects of a modeling career just sucked basically, would you say you discovered maybe modeling just isn't your thing while you were on Top Model?

Yvonne Powless: If at any point I said any aspects of modeling sucked, that is not what I meant. The phone conversation was just me talking to my friend about what we do on the show. I actually really like modeling!

Reality TV World: Whether or not you found out you didn't love modeling while on the show, did you go on Top Model really passionate about pursuing a career in modeling or was it kind of something you were interested in and wanted to try?

Yvonne Powless: I thought it would be fun and wanted to try it.

Reality TV World: Before Tyra announced your elimination, she said your Steampunk photo that week looked like a model who had an attitude problem. However, during that panel, you had sincerely apologized for your argument with BryanBoy. Do you think Tyra recalling your attitude problem in her little speech was kind of a sign she didn't actually accept and/or appreciate your apology?

Yvonne Powless: I have no idea. I don't really recall the conversation and she never said anything to me about not accepting my apology.
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Reality TV World: You clearly had an issue with BryanBoy during your photo shoot but ended up apologizing to him, whereas he seemed to let things go. However, knowing you had to enter the separate competition with the previously-eliminated contestants and the girls to come -- and that it was going to be based entirely upon your social media scores -- were you worried how your relationship with BryanBoy might affect your chances of coming back into the competition?

Yvonne Powless: Bryanboy doesn't actually have any affect on our social media score. He is there to represent our fans and relay the conversations taking place on social media. He did offer his personal opinion, but it was not supposed to have any weight. Who knows if it did, though.

Reality TV World: When you discovered you got eliminated, were you dreading working so closely with BryanBoy in the future and having to listen to him feed you all your upcoming social media information? Or on the contrary, did you go into that separate competition with a clear head and sort of an optimistic outlook on things?

Yvonne Powless: I was just excited to do the shoots!! Being on the show was a great opportunity so I wanted to take advantage of that.
Reality TV World: In reference to your self-described "anger issue" or "bad attitude," could you talk a little bit about why that part of your personality has come to be? Did you go through certain events in your life that caused you to get pissed easily or is at as simple as you have a short temper naturally?

Yvonne Powless: I think I am just naturally short-tempered. However, as viewers got to see throughout the season until my elimination episode, there are other aspects to my personality!

Reality TV World: When Tyra announced you got eliminated, Victoria got hysterical and broke down into tears while standing next to you in the bottom two. Although you hugged and comforted her, you also had a smile on your face and kind of chuckled. What was going through your mind then? Did you just think her reaction was a little exaggerated or something?

Yvonne Powless: Victoria just makes me laugh, and at that point in the show I was over the over dramatization of absolutely everything. I also thought it was funny that she was hysterical and I was going home.
Reality TV World: What did you think of Victoria while you were on the show? She's certainly been standing out as quite the character this season. Also, do you think she could actually win the whole thing?

Yvonne Powless: I think she is hilarious, and different. Yes I think she could win! She has taken some really good photos. 
Reality TV World: In the preview for this coming Friday night's episode, it looks as if some of the girls are worried Victoria's not eating. One girl noted, "I've never seen you eat." Were you aware of that while you were on the show and was there talk about that issue in the house, or do you think that all came up after you got eliminated?

Yvonne Powless: Yes it came up earlier on during the show. Victoria never spent any money on food and she rarely ate. So her eating habits were a concern.

Reality TV World: Kiara and Kristin are two other controversial girls this season, as they've gotten into many arguments and have been the topic of discussion. What was your opinion of the both of them? Did you get along with them for the most part or did you just not click with them?

Yvonne Powless: Me and Kristin and Kiara got along just fine. Kiara likes to argue about nothing, but Kristin will argue if she feels attacked.

Reality TV World: It seemed like the entire house was relieved when Leila got eliminated because it bettered their own chances to win. Laura was even shown saying that she basically gained more confidence once Leila was gone, so would you say Leila really was that intimidating or threatening as a competitor while she was in the house? If so, why?

Yvonne Powless: Yes Leila was certainly the best in the house from the beginning. Laura knew Leila was equal or better than her. Leila also got played with her zombie photos. During the shoot they were raving about how great she was and then she got a crap photo. Leila is not intimidating in person but certainly as a competitor!

Reality TV World: While you were on the show, who did you think had the most potential to win Top Model? Is anyone still in the competition whom you don't think is deserving of the title?  

Yvonne Powless: Laura, Nastasia, Leila, Brittney, Alyssa. By this time, I had thought Kiara would have gone home. She consistently had a low challenge score, and I think still hadn't gotten great photo scores. We were also very confused about why she stayed after she wasn't in the air like everyone else for the cheer shoot.

Reality TV World: What's next for you, what are your plans for the near future?

Yvonne Powless: Graduation!!  I am graduating in May. I do plan on pursuing modeling, though, as well as acting. I had the time of my life on the Tyler Perry challenge. I hope moving to LA after I graduate.