The Amazing Race: All-Stars eliminated Luke Adams and Margie O'Donnell during Sunday night's fifth episode of the CBS reality competition's 24th overall season and third all-stars edition.
The "Mother and Son" team became the fourth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's fifth Pit Stop at Colombo Rowing Club in Colombo, Sri Lanka in last place. Margie and Luke got stuck on a flight that arrived in Sri Lanka many hours behind the rest of the pack.

Luke and Margie previously finished in third place on The Amazing Race's fourteenth season and eighth place on Season 18.
In an exclusive interview via email with Reality TV World, Luke talked about his third The Amazing Race experience. Below is the concluding portion of Luke's interview. Click here to read the first half. To begin reading our exclusive interview with Margie, click here.

Reality TV World: Did you feel like you were ever at a real disadvantage this season because of your deafness? For example, when you and Margie had to ride in the bamboo raft earlier on, there was no way to communicate back and forth when you're not facing one another.

Luke Adams: The rafting task was actually fun for me. I've gone on a lot of water-rafting in Colorado, so the rafting task is one of my favorite challenges on The Amazing Race.

It was definitely a little disadvantage for both of us when we were on that bamboo raft, but once we figured out how to keep our raft steady while paddling, then it was easy sailing from there. The tough part was keeping our raft together with little ropes!

Soon as we switched to the deejaying task, I thought we probably could do it with no problem, but as soon as I realized that we have to be able to listen to the music and follow the rhyme, I realized at that point, we had no choice but to go back to the martini-glass task. I was little furious with how the Detour tasks were designed. We were only one team that had no choice to switch the tasks.

I felt it was pretty unfair to us. That's the big reason why I got pretty flustered during the martini-glass task. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly knew that we tried to switch the task but couldn't switch the task. They felt bad for us.

That's why they gave us a pep-talk by not quitting the task. That was really sweet of Brendon and Rachel. I'm glad that Mom and I stuck in there and finished the task. Martini-Glass task was one of hardest tasks we have done! I don't think I will drink a martini again.

Reality TV World: Margie was shown expressing how she initially thought Rachel was a crybaby but ended up being pleasantly surprised by how sweet she was when she helped you guys out. What was your own initial opinion of Rachel and did it/did it not change after she helped you?

Luke Adams: I was very surprised with how nice Rachel was to me after seeing how she treated other Racers on her The Amazing Race season. I was impressed how she didn't cry much on this season compared to her first season, so I like that side of Rachel. She was really sweet that she tried to communicate with me in sign language.

Reality TV World: Who did you think was your biggest competition this season and why?

Luke Adams: "The Cowboys" [Jet McCoy and Cord McCoy]! They had an Express Pass and they could get through the challenges pretty quickly.
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Reality TV World: Did you make any allies this season? And were there any teams you particularly didn't like or wanted to target right away when you could for any particular reason?

Luke Adams: Our plan was not going to make any alliance and just to run the Race on our own. We had no really personal connection with anyone. We had raced with "The Globetrotters" [Herbert "Flight Time" Lang and Nate "Big Easy" Lofton] and Cowboys on the second Race, but we never really worked with them, so we were pretty much on our own.

We have never met any other teams before we came on this Race. I loved every team on the Race -- they were really great. But of course, I would love to get rid of "The Cowboys!" They're the challenge beasts!!

Reality TV World: Why did you want to do The Amazing Race for a third time? And if you were to do the Race again, would you ever consider a teammate other than your mom?

Luke Adams: There's no way we could say no when we got asked to see if we were interested to do The Amazing Race. We love traveling. We want to see the world more! That was a big honor that we got to do The Amazing Race three times. We're so lucky. There's NO way I would do it with someone else! My mom was an incredible teammate.

Above is the concluding portion of Luke's exclusive interview with Reality TV World via email. Click here to read the first half. To begin reading our exclusive interview with Margie, click here.