Jennifer "Jenn" Lee and Kevin Ng were eliminated from The Amazing Race during the first Season 29 broadcast on CBS.

Jenn, a 25-year-old professional model from Los Angeles, CA, and Kevin, a 31-year-old athletic trainer from San Diego, CA, paired up on the first day of the Race when they were total strangers. They became the first team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the season's first Pit Stop at Cinta Costera Tres in Panama City in last place out of 11 competing couples.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World via email, Jenn talked about her short-lived The Amazing Race experience -- including mistakes made, lessons learned and activities she's sad to miss out on.

Below is the concluding portion of what Jenn had to say. To read the first part of her interview, click here.

Reality TV World: You mentioned in your final words that it would've been a game-changer had either of you stepped up and been more authoritative. Could you elaborate on that statement? Did you feel your team was unmotivated because you didn't have anyone pushing you, or did you two have trouble making decisions because you were both so laid back? I'm curious as to why you thought your dynamic with Kevin didn't equal success on The Race.

Jenn Lee: I definitely would not say that we were "unmotivated." My main thing when I came into race was to get along with my partner. I wanted no drama and wanted a smooth ride to the finish line. Because of that, even when I was frustrated, I didn't really voice it, which probably was the issue.

I feel as though if I had laid down the law from the beginning, Kevin may have been more focused on winning and we would have made decisions faster. I think because neither of us took the initiative to lead and we were trying to consider each others opinions, it wasted a lot of time.

Also, although Kevin is very laid back and I came off to be laid back in the episode, I would say the times where I did get frustrated with Kevin and yelled didn't make it on the show. I would say I'm a very sarcastic person and half the things I say, I am joking, which you see on the episode, however, I took the game very seriously and winning was my main goal.

No one comes to The Amazing Race wanting to lose!!! I'm not sure if Kevin's heart was in it to win the Race, I think he came to have fun. I asked him right off the bat what his three main priorities were and winning didn't fall into any of those three, so we were just very different people.

Reality TV World: You said you planned to use your good looks to get ahead in the Race. Could you elaborate on why you thought that was a big advantage? Were you thinking male Racers would help you throughout the Race because you're attractive, perhaps? (Laughs)

Jenn Lee: HAHA. I was definitely asked a leading question which resulted in me saying that. I honestly do not think my "good looks" would help me get ahead in the race, if anything I think it is a downfall because people automatically think you are weak or there for the wrong reasons.

I think when it comes to the Race, looks is the last quality anyone should bring to the table. However, you don't get to see any of my other qualities I brought to the Race since my run was cut short. I am actually very well traveled, very handy, excellent at building things, and more than excited to do any sort of extreme task (bungee jumping, scaling buildings, you name it!).

Reality TV World: Were you surprised producers didn't make a rule that the Racers had to choose guy-girl teams to be fair? And what did you think about the casting twist in general?
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Jenn Lee: No because female/female teams can do great too! As for the casting twist, I was very excited!!! I love meeting new people and figuring them out, so to me, the idea of racing around the world with a complete stranger sounded like the most epic adventure of a lifetime!

Reality TV World: How long have you wanted to appear on The Amazing Race and are you a big fan of the show? How were you cast on The Amazing Race, and was this your first time applying?

Jenn Lee:
Yes, I am a HUGE fan of the show! Traveling is my life hence why I have a travel vlog called Jennventures on YouTube. Also I am a serious adrenaline junkie, so I was so excited to do all the crazy Detours around the world. All I wanted was to jump off out of helicopters, feed scary animals, drive a Monster truck, sky dive, you name it!

That was an absolute dream of mine and the main reason why I NEEDED to be on the Race. I've been wanting to appear on the show forever and applied previously but was told by casting to wait until the next season bc I didn't fit the bill for the season they were casting. Then one day, they gave me a call and told me to send over a new audition tape and that was that!

Reality TV World: What's the status of your relationship with Kevin like now? Did you two maintain a friendship, especially considering you both live in California?

Jenn Lee: Yes! Me and Kevin are still friends. The whole cast is actually... we all love each other! We've all been talking everyday since the show wrapped in our group chat. We definitely all have a special bond because we all went through this truly amazing experience together. But yes, initially, I was extremely mad at him, but I came to terms with how things unraveled because as Forest Gump would say, sh-t happens.

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