Chris Noble was voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island after the three tribes merged into Lavita during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

Chris, a 27-year-old male model from Florida Keys, FL, was voted out of newly-merged Lavita on Night 22 of the game at Tribal Council -- the first Tribal Council he actually attended all season long -- through a 10-2 vote instead of Libby Vincek, a 24-year-old social media strategist from Houston, TX.

Survivor host Jeff Probst only revealed seven of the votes for Chris at Tribal Council. The two castaways who voted for Libby were Desiree Afuye, a 21-year-old student from Brooklyn, NY, and Angela Perkins, a 42-year-old Army veteran from Cincinnati, OH.

Chris, however, could not vote because he had wagered his vote on Ghost Island in attempt to lengthen the time he could play a hidden Immunity Idol he had found. Chris said he was "blindsided" and the idol sitting in his pocket was definitely cursed.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Chris talked about his Survivor: Ghost Island experience. Below is the first portion of what he had to say.

Reality TV World: What do you think were Angela Perkins and Desiree Afuye's intentions with voting for Libby Vincek? It sounds like you think they were trying to save you?

Chris Noble: They didn't want me gone, and frankly, I don't think other people wanted me gone either. But like I said, people were there for a vacation rather than playing the game.

Part of my reckoning in going home was more so my confidence in the relationships I had built and at least my perception of these people that they weren't dumb.

And here we had [Domenick Abbate], who was clearly like a [Tony Vlachos] and a [Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano]. He had this big personality too, and he's obviously a schemer and a liar -- topped with [Wendell Holland]. That's a huge power couple!

I was just sitting here like, "How are these people letting this happen?! How?" And I think my confidence in believing that people clearly could see the threat that these two were, and it didn't happen.

Reality TV World: Did you tell anyone that you had lost your vote on Ghost Island or did you keep that information to yourself?

Chris Noble: Okay, now I'm digging down deep into my brain. Think. I think if I remember correctly, right before we went to Tribal, I strategically went to Angela knowing we wouldn't have much more time to talk and it would be blown, but I asked her what her read was on things and what she was hearing.

I told her that I have an idol but I don't have a vote. And I asked them, "Do you think I'm going home tonight?" And she said, "No, I think people are going for Libby, but they are definitely going to try to take you out next Tribal."
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So I believe she would be the only one that would know that, and I told her that I lost my vote on Ghost Island, which was a lie. Well, technically, it's not a lie, but put into perspective, I was on Ghost Island on Day 9. So I played it as if all of that happened there, not that I snuck out.

Reality TV World: When did you find out Domenick had pulled a fast one on you with his fake idol that looked like a shell. What was your reaction? (Laughs)

Chris Noble: Well, I mean, Dom is as clever as it gets, and that's probably why this rivalry was so big. Because I knew how big of a threat he was, and he know how big of a threat I was!

And so, the show itself, I actually thought he did a great job creating it. It just obviously made no sense because I obviously knew the real paperwork had to be with it.

And he showed me the real paperwork, so I think his theory -- if there had become a time in the game where something had to happen with that idol and it was fake, maybe that could have played a role, but at that point in the game, it was almost a waste of energy.

Because regardless of whether that was fake or not, he had a real idol and it was up to other people to believe him or me, so.

Reality TV World: You've received some heat for acting arrogant on Survivor. Looking back on your time playing the game, would you admit you acted that way at times or were you actually surprised and/or offended by your edit this season and how you came across on the show?

Chris Noble: I definitely thought my edit was a roller-coaster, and there were definitely times where I was -- I don't know if "offended" would be the right word -- but it's probably close to it on how they pushed my arrogance and cockiness.

But that's part of the game and that's what I signed up for. And look, I am confident, there's no question about it.

And I think one of the things that hurt me in the game was my confidence was misunderstood by some people. And frankly, I think it's misunderstood by people that have fragile egos. I don't think they can take a confident person seriously without being angry, and that's just a reality that I have in my real life.

I think edit-wise, it was definitely to me, on the extreme. And at the same time, I'm here for television, like, I'm going to give some good stuff, too, in my confessionals. I'm not just going to tell you how humbled I am; I am going to give you some good stuff and have fun with it. This is also part of the whole show.

And so my edit comes down to, I think, I'm more in the middle of the extremes that it showed, but I don't have to defend myself. My family and friends know who I am, and that's all that matters.

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