Chris Noble was voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island after the three tribes merged into Lavita during Wednesday night's episode on CBS.

Chris, a 27-year-old male model from Florida Keys, FL, was voted out of newly-merged Lavita on Night 22 of the game at Tribal Council -- the first Tribal Council he actually attended all season long -- through a 10-2 vote instead of Libby Vincek, a 24-year-old social media strategist from Houston, TX.

Survivor host Jeff Probst only revealed seven of the votes for Chris at Tribal Council. The two castaways who voted for Libby were Desiree Afuye, a 21-year-old student from Brooklyn, NY, and Angela Perkins, a 42-year-old Army veteran from Cincinnati, OH.

Chris, however, could not vote because he had wagered his vote on Ghost Island in attempt to lengthen the time he could play a hidden Immunity Idol he had found. Chris said he was "blindsided" and the idol sitting in his pocket was definitely cursed.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Chris talked about his Survivor: Ghost Island experience. Below is the first portion of what he had to say.

Reality TV World: Since you didn't play your idol, you were clearly confident the plan was going to go your way. So just to confirm, did you think the tribe was splitting their votes between Wendell Holland and Domenick Abbate? And did you assume absolutely everyone was onboard with that?

Chris Noble:  So, I was not confident everyone was going to go with the plan. I was confident the relationships I had built would last me a Tribal. I had that discussion with 11 people at the well, which was not my intention at all.

Eleven people just followed me, like [Desiree Afuye] and [Angela Perkins] to talk at the well. And so, me being me, I was just like, "Screw it! I'm here to play." And spontaneously, well, not spontaneously, I just ended up being impulsive and I just came up with the plan.

That was the mistake, but my confidence [came from] building strong relationships, or relationships that I thought. I had talked to people individually after that big meeting, and the majority of them lied to me. So, that's just part of Survivor.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like everyone decided to vote for you prior to Tribal Council. Do you think they were just going through the motions and humoring you when they said they'd take out Domenick or Wendell while chatting at the well?

Chris Noble: Personally, I don't think they were humoring me. I think Wendell and Dom were just bitter that everyone left, but I didn't tell anybody -- I didn't tell a lot of people to come with me to the well. I didn't put a gun to their head and be like, "Hey guys, except Dom and Wendell, let's all go to the well!"

That's just not realistic, okay? When we got there, like, look. I was in New York City. If you want to survive, man, you've got to be on your feet and you've got to make sh-t happen.

And so right when we got there, I didn't know what to expect. I was with my few close ones, Angela and Des, to get the scoop. I was like, "Hey guys, you want to get water?" And so Angela and Des are like, "Okay."
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So I thought it was going to be us three going to the well, and then everyone else just follows. So I'm sitting there trying to talk with my two girls that I'm really close with, and everyone follows and then everyone is just quiet.

So that's when I was like, "Are you serious?" I felt like a lot of the cast was out there on vacation, sipping on their umbrella straws just trying to make it another episode, whereas some actually wanted to play.

I wanted to play, and so my personality got the best of me and my frustrations got the best of me, and I made the mistake of trying to gameplan with 10 or 11 people. And that cost me. It put me in a bad position.

Reality TV World: How close were you to actually playing the idol? Did you change your mind at the last minute at Tribal Council or did you have no intention to play it at all throughout Tribal? 

Chris Noble: I battled back and forth the whole time. But I had a gameplan where one, I was going to face a bombshell Tribal and was going -- and I thought Dom made himself look like a fool during the Tribal.

So I thought that could only help my cause. He clearly looked like he was a schemer and I was just being real. So going in, I was like, "If Dom and Wendell" -- and this was if Wendell also had an idol -- "If Dom and Wendell both play idols, I'm playing mine. If neither of them play an idol, I'm definitely playing mine."

But I was 50/50 on whether I would do it if Dom played something. And he did play something. And that's where I was like, "Well, I've got to risk it."

If I had any chance of winning the game, I had to save that idol at least another Tribal. Because if I used that idol, I tarnish my loyalty, and not only that, they're just going to take me out the next Tribal. So to me, it was well worth the risk. And I was playing with house money. I went all in, and I was sent home.

Reality TV World: Angela seemed to be your closest ally out there. Can you explain why she and Desiree voted for Libby last night? Was it a situation where they cast two votes for Libby just in case you played an idol and she'd go home instead, or was there another reason?

Chris Noble: So I don't fully know what the reason was, but I did know they were voting for Libby. And if I had a vote, I would have voted for Libby too. Because some of these individual talks I had after the big meeting at the water well involved some of this, and I thought people wanted to go a different route.

And despite me appearing pushy sometimes, I was open to working with what other people wanted to do. So they started wanting to go a different route in terms of that but keeping the status quo that, you know, maybe Dom and Wendell would still think we're going to do this and whatnot.

It's really confusing and I'm sorry, but that was all happening last second. I don't know why they wanted to get rid of Libby. I didn't want to get rid of Libby. But I would've worked with what people's plan was to do. Regardless, I went home.

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