Andrea Boehlke was voted out of Survivor: Game Changers' Maku Maku tribe during Wednesday night's jam-packed episode of Season 34 on CBS.

Maku Maku eliminated and seemingly blindsided Andrea at Tribal Council on Night 33 of the game with six out of eight votes from Michaela Bradshaw, Sarah Lacina, Cirie Fields, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang, and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson. Andrea became the thirteenth person voted out of the game and the season's sixth jury member.

Andrea and her close ally, Aubry Bracco, had voted for Brad since he's a big physical threat, thinking that Sarah, Cirie and Michaela were with them.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Andrea talked about her Survivor: Game Changers experience. Below is the first half of what she had to say.

Reality TV World: Walking into Tribal Council, how confident were you that Brad was going home? And I'm assuming it's safe to say you were blindsided?

Andrea Boehlke: Yeah, I'm embarrassed about how confident I was. (Laughs) I guess it just made sense to me logically that Brad needed to go. He was kind of the underdog; he had a lot of friends on the jury.

I went through the situations and looked at each person, thinking, "Okay, it makes sense for Michaela to want Brad out. It makes sense for Cirie, and it makes sense for Sarah." It just seemed like it made sense. But clearly I was wrong. I had no idea that Sarah wanted to work with the guys. So, I was actually pretty shocked, which was a nice surprise. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: Were you especially shocked that Cirie teamed up with Brad's alliance to vote you out? Were you disappointed or hurt by Cirie's decision? Because you too seemed tight out there.

Andrea Boehlke: It's weird. It's hard to wrap my head around my emotions out there, because my emotions were all over the place. I wasn't really mad at Cirie. Michaela and I didn't really have a tight relationship. I mean, we were totally fine, but we didn't really work together all that much.

So, I wasn't really hurt by [Cirie] because looking at it back, it probably was a good time to get me out. I think I would've done really well in the [Individual Immunity] Challenges after that, so I think if they were going to take me out, it probably would have been when I was least expecting it.

Reality TV World: When Cirie warned Sarah that you were gunning for her, Sarah was shown saying, "I can't stand that girl," referring to you. Was that a surprise to you watching last night's episode back? Because while it looked like you two were friends out there, Sarah apparently had some issue with you. 

Andrea Boehlke: Yeah, that was a little surprising because it seemed really personal! Like everything up to that point was, "We've got to get Andrea out! She's a big threat." And then all of a sudden, it's, "I can't stand her!"
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So I was surprised, but there are no hard feelings. I know I've said that about people on the show and I didn't really mean it. It's just that you're hungry and you get annoyed with everybody.

And Sarah and I did kind of have this sisterly relationship. Yeah, no one wants to hear that someone can't stand them, but it was in a game and it could've been taken out of context -- or even if she couldn't stand me at the time, I totally get it, I can be very annoying. So I don't really care.

Reality TV World: (Laughs) So it sounds like there was no problem you were aware of, that Sarah was probably just venting?

Andrea Boehlke: Oh, I had no idea that's how she felt! So she was probably venting or, maybe behind the scenes she just didn't like me that much in the game. In that case I would be surprised, but I'd have to talk to Sarah about that. We're on good terms, but it was kind of shocking, yeah.

Reality TV World: You noticed that Sarah was pandering to Sierra Dawn Thomas on her way out of the game. What did you think was happening at the time and what was your reaction when you found out she was just trying to get Sierra's "Legacy Advantage?"

Andrea Boehlke: Well it makes a lot more sense now, because at the time, we didn't know what the "Legacy Advantage" was. Our season was filmed before Millennials vs. Gen X aired, so we hadn't seen the "Legacy Advantage" played in Survivor yet. So we didn't know it existed at all. So that's why you wouldn't think someone can get voted out and give something back.

I just saw that look that Sarah gave Sierra and thought she was pandering to the jury. That in and of itself was kind of concerning, because you're going to pander to the jury in front of us? That's odd. But now knowing it had to do with the idol, it makes a lot more sense. And also, it was very brilliant on Sarah's part.

Reality TV World: When you were targeting Sarah, Cirie said she wanted to keep her because she's actually a great person to take to the end since she betrayed and probably pissed off a lot of people on the jury. Since you really wanted Sarah gone, clearly you disagreed with Cirie on that?

Andrea Boehlke: Yeah. I felt that Sarah was playing the best game at that point because even though she was flipping, she was making big moves, so she had a resume. And that was more -- she had a bigger resume than I did and most of the people in that game.

And I still felt weird about her because at the merge, when Sarah voted with [Debbie Wanner]'s alliance, Sarah straight up lied to me and said that she was voting with me to take out [Zeke Smith].

So I had leery feelings about Sarah because she had lied to me previously. So at that point, I thought, "If she's already lied to me, she is going to lie to me again." And I just thought it would make sense to take her out then.

Reality TV World: While Cirie definitely didn't want Sarah gone, Aubry understood your arguments. However, Aubry told you that you should vote for Brad because it just wasn't the right time to take Sarah out. Why do you think Aubry had that perspective? And looking back, do you wish you had been more forceful about the Sarah vote at that point?

Andrea Boehlke: So Aubry and I had long conversations on whether it was the right time to take out Sarah. We both went back and forth. Now, how you see it, is that I was very adamant to take Sarah out and Aubry is thinking we should take Brad out.

But we both talked about both [options]. We discussed both ways. So I still felt at that time Brad was the right choice. Looking back, yeah, I think I wish I had pushed more towards Sarah.

But the problem was, even if I pushed more to get Sarah out, Cirie would have always taken Sarah's side because she wanted to go to the end with Sarah. So I think I can rest easy at night knowing I think I did everything I could at that point. No matter what, I was going to be going home.

Reality TV World: If you had stayed in the game and Brad went home instead, how did you see the game shaping up from that point on? And whom did you envision being a part of your ideal Final 3 had you made it to the end?

Andrea Boehlke: If Brad went home, then I was thinking, I guess, that I would be working with Aubry, and that would be the time that maybe we'd take out Sarah. So my problem was that my move came too late, my plan. Sarah took me out before I could take her out. But in terms of a Final 3, I was really close with Aubry.

I don't know if I could see Aubry in the end, but I would okay with taking that risk, because I think I would have a shot at least against Aubry over Cirie. So I was thinking either Aubry and Michaela, or Michaela and Tai, or Tai and Aubry -- something along those lines. I don't know if I would take Aubry.

I think I would've been close [to that decision], but because I had a tight relationship with Aubry, I would rather have taken that risk that vote against her, if that makes sense.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Andrea's exclusive Survivor: Game Changers interview.