Andrea Boehlke, a 23-year-old entertainment host and writer from New York, was voted out of Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites' merged Enil Edam tribe during Wednesday night's twelfth episode of the CBS reality series' 26th edition.

Andrea was completely blindsided and voted out of her tribe at the season's thirteenth Tribal Council on Day 33 after her alliance of six turned on her. In addition to Andrea, Reynold Toepfer was also eliminated earlier in the broadcast, which featured two separate Individual Immunity Challenges and Tribal Council sessions.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Andrea talked about her Survivor experience.

Check back with Reality TV World on Friday for our interview with Reynold.

Reality TV World: You were obviously blindsided and thought Brenda Lowe would be going home. Why had you not envisioned the idea that they might consider you a huge threat given you had the hidden Immunity Idol?

Andrea Boehlke: Well I guess I had been working with [Dawn Meehan] and [John Cochran] since Day 1, and I mean, every move -- everything -- it was us three, you know, strategizing. So I thought, "Okay, this would be a great time to take out Brenda."

And I thought they were onboard, but my big mistake was bringing up to Cochran that maybe we should consider Dawn. That, I think, was the turning point where they realized, "Okay, Andrea is strategizing too much. Let's just get her out." I thought, I don't know. (Laughs) I guess that's it.

Reality TV World: Yeah, well I was going to say that was kind of the reaction viewers had given it seemed kind of obvious that Cochran and Dawn were pretty close, and given Dawn's personality, it seemed like the second Dawn heard that someone wanted her out, she was definitely going to be okay with voting them out. So what happened there? Was that just a momentary thing in which you just didn't realize what you were saying or were you not aware how close Cochran was with Dawn?

Andrea Boehlke: Yeah, Cochran and I would have a lot of one-off conversations where, I mean, I don't think this was actually the first time that that came up. I think there were times that even Cochran talked about like, "Eventually, we have to get rid of Dawn." But I think it was a great time for him to be like, "Oh, if I tell them that Andrea wants them out, they'll want her out right away."

I think Cochran was also getting nervous about me and [Edward "Eddie" Fox], and yeah, it was probably dumb of him. Watching the show, it seemed -- you know, Cochran and Dawn are very close.

But out there, Dawn was super close with everyone. I mean, I thought -- she would tell me at night that I was her best friend in the game. And so, you know, when Dawn -- the nice Mormon mom -- tells you those things, you believe her because it's Dawn. But meanwhile, she's a trickster.

Reality TV World: Like you said, Cochran was shown saying he was worried you had decided you wanted to go to the end of the game with Eddie. So can you set the record straight on that?

Andrea Boehlke: I didn't want to go to the end with Eddie, but I wanted to keep him around. I'm not actually sure why. I think I just like Eddie as a person. But I figured since the three amigos were gone, I would have Eddie voting the way I wanted, which happened but for, you know, one vote. And then I'm gone.
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But Eddie is somebody that, you know, he was so on the outside that I was like, "Well we can always get rid of him later. So let's keep Eddie. Let's get rid of a very strong competitor Brenda or Dawn, who could get a lot of votes in the end because she can play up the sympathy thing." So I kind of figured that Eddie would be great for me to keep around -- at least longer than keeping Brenda around.

Reality TV World: So what had your plan for the rest of the game been -- like when had you planned on playing the idol, and whom had you planned on voting off next after Brenda and going to the final jury vote with if you got that far?

Andrea Boehlke: I would've loved to go to the end with [Erik Reichenbach] and [Sherri Biethman]. I mean, they didn't show a lot of it. I had a lot of conversations with Erik. There was -- they showed this once, but I pointed to a name, and Erik would vote that person. And that happened actually maybe four or five votes.

So, I think when that happened, it starts to go through your head like, "Wow, all I have to do is point to a name and someone votes the way I want?" And it was actually really funny. I wish they would have showed it more. So I would've loved to go to the end with Sherri and Erik and probably gotten out Dawn and Cochran after Brenda. But I mean, yeah.

Reality TV World: So Cochran's paranoia about your plan not involving him wasn't necessarily paranoia then, was it? (Laughs)

Andrea Boehlke: Right.

Reality TV World: He was correct to be concerned then.

Andrea Boehlke: Completely. That's why I'm not taking this vote to heart, because it was actually a really great move for them to get me out. Because I already had my sights on getting out Dawn and Cochran, because I knew that those were the strongest two people. Those are the people that would win in the end. So it was a perfect move by their part because I was already chomping at the bit.

Reality TV World: Do you think the fact you got blindsided during your first season played a big role in why you seemed so focused on basically wanting to blindside someone else before you got blindsided this time around?

Andrea Boehlke: I think I came into this game wanting to make big moves, you know? Because my first season, I didn't really get a chance to. And so, I was ready to shock people, get people out, take out bigger threats.

I mean, last night, it would've been easy to have been like, "Let's vote Eddie out." But that didn't really make sense, like, let's take out -- for me -- let's take out Brenda, who could beat me in these challenges.

With Brenda gone, any endurance challenge, I'll win. I mean, it's not even a question. I mean whatever, I could obviously lose, but I'm saying Brenda is a huge competitor and my biggest threat. So, I think coming from a season where I didn't get to do much definitely played into the fact that I'm trying to make big moves this time.

Reality TV World: We saw Cochran expressing surprise that Erik just gave you the hidden Immunity Idol after he found it. But we didn't see you expressing that. Were you surprised or ever concerned that Erik might just keep it for himself -- especially since that seemed to be along the same lines as what was going on with you and Malcolm Freberg during last week's show when you were kind of following him around and maybe hoping to grab it before he could?

Andrea Boehlke: That was so funny. Erik, without even a second to think, he picked up the idol and just handed it to me. It was great! So, I do think though that what happened was, I got the clue, I shared it with Brenda, and then I was like, "You know what? Everyone knows that was a clue to the idol." It was just silly.

And I didn't want [Reynold Toepfer] or Eddie to have it, so I'm like, "You guys, I'm not going to be sketchy. This is the clue. Let's go find this for the alliance." So I think maybe because it was my clue, Erik just felt like, "Okay, she should have the idol." It didn't do me any good because I didn't use it correctly. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: You were shown calling Eddie your "Survivor boyfriend" while you were out there and you talked about how you liked having him around now. So what's the nature of your relationship now? Have you guys kept in touch at all after the show or anything?  

Andrea Boehlke: Okay, so this filmed awhile ago.

Reality TV World: Right, last summer...

Andrea Boehlke: We were going on almost a year [ago], and [back] at that time, I was single. And yeah, we definitely had like a little flirty relationship going on. And Eddie, he's just such a great guy and we're still friends now. But I did actually start dating somebody when I got back, like a few months after I got back, so it was kind of weird.

I was like kind of really nervous about how much they would show on the show about the whole relationship, but they let me off pretty easy -- not like there was anything bad that happened, but you know how editing goes.

Every week I was like, "Oh my gosh, were we cuddling? Are they going to show that?" Ugh, it was super awkward watching. At one point in the season I was watching with my boyfriend and his family. But it's fine, and yeah, we still talk.

Reality TV World: Do you think you still would have been the vote target if you hadn't found the hidden Immunity Idol? Do you think it kind of backfired on you?

Andrea Boehlke: I think it definitely backfired. The entire season was focused around idols. It was idol paranoia. So if I wouldn't have found it, I mean, let's say Brenda found it. I think Brenda could've been the one going. I think it pretty much screwed me, like whoever found the idol, we would've maybe split the votes on.

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