The Amazing Race eliminated dating couple Aly Dudek and Steven Langton during the 26th season's special two-hour seventh episode on CBS.

Aly, a 24-year-old Olympic athlete from Milwaukee, WI, and Steven, a 31-year-old Olympic athlete from Boston, MA, were ousted from the race around the world after they survived a non-elimination leg but then arrived at the subsequent eighth Pit Stop in last place.

Aly and Steve encountered some bad luck and made a few mistakes in the Race's last two legs. In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, the couple talked about what happened.

Below is the concluding portion of Aly and Steve's interview. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: Since you had to complete both sides of the Detour when you got U-Turned, was the "Play" or "Work" task more difficult and time consuming?

Steven Langton: Oh, the "Play" was a lot harder and a lot more time consuming.

Aly Dudek: But it was so much fun.

Steven Langton: Right.

Aly Dudek: It was awesome. We skied up a gigantic, Aladdin-sand dune and then got to slide down it. I thought it was a lot of fun.

Steven Langton: That Detour probably took 45 minutes to an hour. It was a huge, huge sand dune. You can't even call it that. It was like a sand mountain. So, yeah, I mean, it was enormous. So that Detour, it probably took closer to an hour whereas the other one, I would say, maybe it took 20 minutes at the most.

Reality TV World: During the non-elimination leg, you guys were forced to do the elephant tracking task when you really wanted to feed the dogs. Do you think that made all the difference in your last-place finish or would you attribute that to the flat tire?

Steven Langton: I don't think you can really attribute anything to the flat tire.
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Aly Dudek: We were going to get a flat tire no matter which Detour we did.

Steven Langton: Right. But that being said, the "Pack" was definitely a lot shorter than "Track," I think. And Hayley Keel and Blair Townsend had to do the "Track" too. I mean, conservatively, it was probably twice as long -- at least twice as long as the "Pack."

But again, there were a couple Detours along the way in previous legs that we kind of lucked out on. We had stuff play in our favor or we ended up with the shorter one. So it's just kind of how the game is.

Reality TV World: I've talked to all the eliminated teams so far this season and it seems like the consensus is they wanted to keep you close either as potential allies or just to avoid getting on your bad side. Which teams were you closest to? Did you consider anyone allies?

Aly Dudek: [Matt Cucolo and Ashley Gordon] we were. We ended up helping each other out, quite often actually, in just small ways. Well, I guess in big ways too, but Matt and Ashley were probably the ones we actually connected with and trusted the most.

Steven Langton: I definitely agree. And yeah, we actually were able to spend a lot of time with them on the Race. Even now, Aly and I talk to Matt and Ashley probably every day.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Jackie Ibarra and Jeffrey Weldon, Jeff admitted to me that he didn't really care who wins the Race but he just didn't want to see Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams win it because they gave him bad vibes. When you left the Race, who were you rooting for to win -- or were you in the same mindset as Jeff just hoping a particular team wouldn't claim the million?

Steven Langton: No, I think just because we were such good friends with Matt and Ashley, if we got to pick at that time, we would've probably said the same thing we'd say today -- that we hope they would win. But in terms of wanting people not to win, we never really thought about that.

Aly Dudek: No, we never thought about that.

Reality TV World: After watching this season on TV so far, what do you make of Hayley and Blair's relationship? I think their up and down dynamic has viewers pretty intrigued.

Aly Dudek: Okay, so Hayley has some crazy moments, but who doesn't when you're in a high-stress situation? I had my fair share of crazy moments in Africa. But she's a sweetheart! She's a nice person. She really is. But she's very high maintenance and Blair's patience is extraordinary. I will say that. But they're pretty entertaining to watch.

Steven Langton: Yeah, and they were a good team too.

Reality TV World: I think Blair realized keeping his mouth shut was the smart thing to do. (Laughs)

Aly Dudek: Yup! Smart move, right?

Reality TV World: At the start of the Race? Did you assume the pre-existing couples would have a huge advantage in the Race, and after seeing how the blind-dating couples have been performing thus far, did you change your minds?

Aly Dudek: Honestly, Steve and I never really formed strong opinions about that because we really went in saying, "These are just other teams." I guess it did surprise me a little bit how strong they started off the Race, but after a while, they decided they were only there for the money and they weren't there for love anymore. And once they established that fact, they were able to work together as a good team.

Reality TV World: Did you view any team in particular your toughest competition when you were racing?

Aly Dudek: I don't know!

Steven Langton: Neither do I.

Aly Dudek: I wouldn't say there was a standout team that was our toughest competition just because luck is such a strong factor in this game. It really just depends on who makes a good decision here or a good decision there, and who could get a better flight and who had a better taxi driver. That was really the main difference with why there was success and why there wasn't.

Steven Langton: Right. And especially with us, we got eliminated because we messed up, not because somebody else did really well. So, I mean, I think our biggest competition was ourselves.

Reality TV World: It seems at this point luck definitely seems to be on Michael Dombrowski and Rochelle Nevedal's side. They got that standby flight on a previous leg and stuff.

Aly Dudek: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Reality TV World: The Speed Bump task seemed quick. How long did that take you?

Aly Dudek: That was only 10-15 minutes. We were already so far back anyway that it was just like, "Let's just add on more time!"

Steven Langton: We actually got lost on the way to the skydiving place too, which was probably another 45 minutes.

Reality TV World: Did you get bad directions or have trouble reading your map or something?

Steven Langton: Little bit of both.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on The Amazing Race? How'd you end up on the show?

Aly Dudek: Well, when we met in Sochi in February of last year, one of the first things we actually said to each other was, "Oh my God, I really want to go on this TV show. It would be so much fun." And yeah, we both felt the same way about it. We finally just decided to apply, and yeah. We applied, we weren't [recruited]. We went through the entire process, and luckily they liked us enough to have us on the show.

Reality TV World: Would you be interested in racing again as all-stars?

Aly Dudek: I would go back right now!

Steven Langton: Yes, 100 times over! I'd start the Race again tomorrow.

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