Ali Elliott was voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers during the latest episode on CBS.

Ali, a 24-year-old celebrity assistant from Eastvale, CA who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, was voted out of her "Soko" tribe on Night 16 of the game through a 3-1 vote instead of her personal target, JP Hilsabeck, a 28-year-old firefighter from Los Angeles, CA.

"I guess I let a little twerp like [Ryan Ulrich] ruin my whole game. And [Chrissy Hofbeck] is the liar of all liars. If she lies that way for the rest of the game, she's going to win," Ali said following her ouster.

"I came into this game thinking that I was just going to play with all of my head, and maybe I did add my heart in. Maybe I trusted people a little too much and that's what got me."

During a recent exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Ali talked about her Survivor experience and being eliminated right before the merge. Below is the concluding portion of what she had to say.

Reality TV World: Patrick Bolton revealed to me earlier in the season that the two of you had met each other in college, that he actually helped you move in to your place. How would you describe your pre-game relationship with him?

Ali Elliott: I would say Patrick and I, we knew each other well enough. And so when I found out me and Patrick were actually on the same tribe, I was kind of worried! Because Patrick, he's fun, he's a loving guy, he's all about kind of being at the center of attention and just having a good time.

And that kind of person is great, just not when you're trying to play a game with someone like that. So, I'm not sure if Patrick had that much game knowledge; I definitely did warn him a lot at "Yawa" to kind of stay come and not get on people's nerves.

So I was really trying to make this relationship work. And so, seeing him out there, it was difficult, because I know that he's a great guy and I know that we could've worked together. It was just his name came up.

I was never the one to say, "I want to vote Patrick," but for them to tell me that, I felt, like, "Okay, well, I got into the game saying, 'As long as it's not me.'" I even thought, "Maybe I should tell Patrick," but then he would've just ran a rampage at, you know, our camp.

He would've been looking for idols and driving people crazy. I didn't want to be the one going home in that aftermath. I didn't want to ruin my own game to try to save him, but I really wish it would've worked out beter than that.

Reality TV World: Once you noticed that Patrick was being cast for the same Survivor season, how did you handle the situation?

Ali Elliott: Yeah! This is me: I'm out here playing this game, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I want to play as me. I didn't want to have to come in here with any other pre-game things going on.
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I wanted to come out here with 17 other strangers and play because I had confidence in who I was... Because I wanted to play this game as me.

And so, going into that, people are thinking about their own strategies, and I'm thinking about, "How am I going to handle this one strategy? How am I going to handle this one person on top of everyone else?"

And so, I was very worried. And it had nothing to do with Patrick and who he is. It's just you're going into the game technically as a power couple! And those are looked down upon, and so, I don't think it really affected my game that much. I just wish it never would have happened. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: Just to confirm, it sounds like you never told [any of the castaways] during the game that you knew Patrick?

Ali Elliott: No I did! So actually, I did. So I didn't tell anyone when Patrick was there -- because I was still grasping at straws, when Ryan was saying, "You are obsessed with [Roark Luskin], you are obsessed with Roark," I was like, "Dude, I knew this woman for four days."

Because I wanted him to give me another reason, and his reason would've been the Super Idol if he ever told me. So the next morning, we sat down and kind of talked, and we apologized.

And I started to get teary-eyed almost, and I said, "You know, for you to think that you couldn't trust me to vote out someone whom I had met for four days" -- I told him, I said, "I actually voted out someone that I knew for six years." And he said, "What?!" And I said, "Yes!"

I said, "Do you remember Patrick?" And he was like, "Of course." And I said, "Yeah, me and Patrick went to college together." So I told him the whole story. Who knows if that even made me go home more; I don't know. But I did tell him, and he was shocked! You know?

Because I was letting him know that for him to have his excuse of not voting out someone I knew for four days, I wanted him to know that I voted out someone I knew for six years. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: So what exactly were your plans for the merge? I know you said earlier you were taking things one day at a time, but was there anyone you were hoping to join forces with or any person in particular you were planning on leaving behind?

Ali Elliott: No, I definitely -- say it would've gone how I expected. Say it was me, Roark and Ryan who were voting off the two Heroes, I definitely would've teamed up with [Lauren Rimmer] again, and I would've kept with Ryan and [Devon Pinto] and hoped that my relationship with us saving Roark would have her bring on some of her people.

But I knew she had people on her bottom whom she did not care for. She had already talked about throwing a challenge to get rid of [Joe Mena] as is, and I'm not sure if [Mike Zahalsky] was [doing] well in the circle as well. So that would've been my goal, to kind of team up with the top -- you know, my Hustlers still and the top Healers and get rid of everybody else.

Reality TV World: Was this your first time applying for Survivor? How did you end up on this season?

Ali Elliott: Yes, it was my first time applying, but it's been years and years for my family. So, my uncle actually tried out twice and he never got on. My sister has been to two open calls. My mom and my cousins. So, randomly, I was in my room one day and was like, "You know what? I haven't applied!" So I sent in a video and the rest is history!

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