Alexandra "Allie" Pohevitz was eliminated from Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites' Gota "Fans" tribe during Wednesday night's second episode of the CBS reality series' 26th edition. 
Allie, a 25-year-old bartender from Oceanside, NY, was voted out of her tribe at the season's second Tribal Council, the first elimination vote for Gota.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Allie talked about her Survivor experience and early elimination. Below is the first half of Allie's interview. Check back with Reality TV World on Friday for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: You formed your alliance with [Edward "Eddie" Fox, Hope Driskill and Reynold Toepfer] seemingly right off the bat and you guys appeared to be pretty open about it, even as far as the sleeping conditions went out there. What was your thought process for wanting to be in an alliance with them and did you ever fear your group would seem threatening and therefore be targeted?

Allie Pohevitz: I mean, well we also had Matt Bischoff with us. I know it doesn't seem like that watching it, but we were working with Matt. So it wasn't as stupid as everyone thinks we are. As far as being out in the open about it, I don't think we meant to do it as open as we were. I think we were big threats.

I think we were the four strongest people out there, and I think we just shot ourselves in the foot basically by not ensuring that we had a fifth and sixth person. We really, really thought that we had Matt.

Reality TV World: Even with Matt, that would only give you five in a tribe of ten...

Allie Pohevitz: Well the thing was, we thought that once [Shamar Thomas] was gone, Matt would still be our fifth person and then it would be 5-to-4. Because originally, we were working with [Laura Alexander] and Matt.

And once Laura switched to the other four or three people, we still thought that we had Matt. And the boys convinced us that we had him, but in reality, we didn't -- which was awful, because that was our downfall.

Reality TV World: So what were you expecting going into that Tribal Council? Were you expecting it to be a 5-5 tie?

Allie Pohevitz: At that point, I knew I was going home. I didn't know whether it was myself or Hope going home, but I knew it was one of us. 

Reality TV World: And that was because you knew you didn't have Matt, or because you didn't think you had a sixth alliance member?

Allie Pohevitz: No, because right beforehand, I had had a conversation with [Sherri Biethman] and I just knew it was bad from everything that was going on. I knew the way she was acting and the way she was avoiding my questions that basically, she flat out said that she was voting us out. And there was just so little time to do anything right before Tribal that nothing could've been changed.

Reality TV World: So you're saying at some point you thought Sherri was going to be on your side then, I guess?
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Allie Pohevitz: No, I knew that Sherri wasn't on my side, but the whole tribe made it seem like we were voting out Shamar. Every single day it was, "Let's get rid of Shamar. Let's get rid of Shamar -- even if we have to throw a challenge. Let's get rid of Shamar."

So I knew that they weren't 100% percent getting rid of Shamar. I'm not that stupid and naive to think that it was them voting for Shamar and we were just going to take over and dominate, but I did think that the first challenge would be a, "Let's get rid of Shamar and then we can all go our separate ways and fight to the death." But it didn't get to that.

Reality TV World: So the show made it look like Matt and Michael Snow were pretty much the swing votes and you guys had thought they were with your foursome. But I haven't heard you mention Mike yet, so what happend there?

Allie Pohevitz: No, Michael from Day 1 was with the girls on the other side. It was never really -- I never ever thought that I had Michael. I never went with him. I liked Michael but we just never worked together. I don't think we said five words to one another while we were out there, and again, not because I didn't like him but because it was so set in stone.

The way they made it seem like the four of us were together was basically how he was with Sherri, [Julia Landauer] and Laura. So Matt, Matt played well on both sides because we genuinely thought we had him and they thought they had him. And unfortunately for us, they were right. But no, we never thought we had Michael.

Reality TV World: So you only thought you had Matt as a fifth, but you just assumed even though five isn't a majority...

Allie Pohevitz: Well the problem with that is once Shamar was gone, it would be the majority.

Reality TV World: But I guess I still don't understand how you'd have [avoided a 5-5 tie and] gotten Shamar gone with only five votes.

Allie Pohevitz: Because we didn't realize that Sherri was working with Shamar. We knew that we weren't working with Sherri, but every single person was saying that they were voting for Shamar.

Reality TV World: Okay. So had you known Shamar and Sherri were together then, do you think there was anything you could've done to allow things to play out differently?

Allie Pohevitz: I would've played the idol. I didn't realize that it was so drastically going to be a division of six-four. I really thought it would be like two or three votes for Hope or I and everybody else voting for Shamar until we got to Tribal Council. And then I knew that one of us was going home.

Reality TV World: Did you know that Reynold had found the hidden Immunity Idol? Did he share that information with you or the rest of your alliance?

Allie Pohevitz: Nobody else knew but I did know about the idol, yeah. Hope and Eddie had no idea. We were going to hold on to the idol and not use it just basically because we thought if the two of us needed it we could use it, and then if we made it to the merge with it, we would tell Hope and Eddie and use it to our advantage. And we just didn't get to that point.

Reality TV World: Why do you think Shamar's group chose to target you instead of Hope? Do you think it was because Laura was shown saying you seemed like the more intelligent, dangerous player -- the bigger threat?

Allie Pohevitz: Yeah, I feel like I was just more strategic. I'm such a huge fan of the show and I know that everybody out there was a fan, but I feel like I just -- I really wanted it so bad and I would've done anything for it.

And I think that people got that while I was out there whereas Hope was kind of playing under the radar and people were more -- I guess Eddie was more in the forefront as far as the two of them goes.

But even though you don't see it, I was screaming at Shamar every day, and Reynold and I were kind of more of a pair whereas Eddie was more of a leader towards Hope. So I think just the way people saw me around camp, and I wasn't afraid to say things to Shamar every day, I think that they saw I could hold my own and I was a big threat.

Reality TV World: The viewers didn't see you having too many voting conversations of your own prior to Tribal. Was that because you kind of left more of the strategy stuff to Reynold and Eddie?

Allie Pohevitz: No, I mean, I had it out every three hours. Shamar and I were fighting. They didn't show it and I'm not really sure why, but yeah no. We went at it all the time. Tribal, I had a 40-minute scream-out with Shamar.

Above is the first half of Allie's exclusive interview with Reality TV World. Check back with us on Friday for the concluding portion.
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