Diana Degarmo's identity is apparently safe for the time being.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court has denied bail for Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, who last October plead not guilty to four charges of stalking the American Idol third-season runner-up and Gone Country first-season contestant, Australia's The Age newspaper reported Thursday.

DeGarmo had previously accused Quattrocchi of stealing her online identity and harassing her friends and family, leading the 23-year-old Melbourne woman to face the four charges for stalking the American reality star and others.

"No matter what I do I cannot get away from her," DeGarmo told an FBI special agent last May, according to The Age.

"I cannot have any private or professional life without her infiltrating it," she added in a statement tendered to Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Quattrocchi subsequently plead not guilty during the October trial and was bailed on the condition that she not access any device allowing Internet or email availability, according to The Age, which added Quattrocchi also couldn't communicate with DeGarmo or any organization connected to her.

However Quattrocchi was re-arrested earlier this year and charged with further offenses of stalking DeGarmo, her mother Brenda, a friend and singer Donielle Morris, according to The Age.

Acting senior sergeant Graham Baks told the court that between May and January, Quattrocchi accessed material to and from DeGarmo that included business dealings and also sent her offensive material, The Age reported.

Bail was rebuffed at the behest of prosecutor Catharine Sedgwick, who accused Quattrocchi of intercepting an email from police to DeGarmo -- calling the defendant "an unacceptable risk of re-offending and would interfere with witnesses," The Age reported.

Defense lawyer Paul McClure argued his client should be bailed to allow psychiatric and psychological evaluations, according to The Age, which added Deputy chief magistrate Dan Muling agreed but declined because the risk of re-offending was "too great" for Quattrocchi.

She will remain in custody until her next court appearance on May 11.