Nikki McKibbin's recent 72-hour psychiatric observation was apparently because she refused medical treatment after a bad reaction to pain medication -- not due to fears that she was suicidal.

"Nikki did not attempt suicide nor does she have any plans on doing so!" the American Idol first-season finalist's representative told Extra in a Monday report.

Last week, Star magazine reported the 29-year-old Grand Prairie, TX native was undergoing psychiatric evaluation after contemplating suicide due to her mother's sudden death last summer, according to Extra

After McKibbin's friends feared her depression due to her mother's passing "bordered on suicidal" they contacted police and Star allegedly obtained a copy of the subsequent police report, Extra reported.

"I want to live with my mom in heaven," McKibbin is quoted as saying in the police report, according to Star, which added the former Idol finalist said she used migraine medication to "dull the pain."

"Nikki was indeed close to her mom, we were all extremely affected by her loss," McKibbin's representative told Extra.  "However, Nikki loves life and understands how important it is, not only to her family and friends but to herself as well."

The alleged police report states officers arrived at McKibbin's home, where she was standing outside half-dressed and clutching a bottle of pills.  In addition, McKibbin allegedly tried to kick-out the patrol car's windows on her way to Fort Worth's John Peter Smith Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

However McKibbin's representative told Extra that the former Idol finalist wasn't taken in for observation due to her mental state and instead refused medical treatment after experiencing a "bad reaction" to her pain medication for a broken foot.

"Nikki felt that she didn't need to go to a hospital so she refused to go with the ambulance," her representative explained to Extra. "Apparently the police stepped in and decided that it was in Nikki's best interest to go to the hospital so they took her. If the police take you, psychiatric observation is mandatory!"

McKibbin finished third during Idol's first season and subsequently appeared on Bravo's Battle of the Network Reality Stars competition series and E!'s Kill Reality reality series in 2005.  Her debut album "Unleashed" was released last May.
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