Emily Maynard has denied that she is dating Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren or anyone else 

"I'm definitely not dating anyone, much less Matt Nordgren. I've met Matt once in my entire lifetime in LA with a huge group of people. [It] was definitely not a date," the former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette told Us Weekly.

"I'm single as always."

While reports had surfaced in October that Maynard was dating Carolina Panthers football player Jeremy Shockey and was "just having fun," the 25-year-old mother of one daughter, six-year-old Ricki, made sure to put all the rumors to rest.

"Seriously? You'd think that with all the guys the mags say I'm dating, I'd have some help with my X-mas lights!" Maynard wrote on her Twitter account this past weekend.

"Still not true. Still single."

The Bachelor star Brad Womack selected and proposed to Maynard over fellow bachelorette Chantal O'Brien during ABC's March broadcast of the show's season finale, but the couple began encountering relationship problems shortly thereafter and Maynard officially confirmed they had split in June.

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