The Robertson family has found another way to cash in on their Duck Dynasty success.

The Robertson clan has partnered with Connecticut-based gun maker Mossberg to produce its own line of guns, the New York Daily News reported.

The line will reportedly include two rifles, a semi-automatic pistol and nine shotguns. While some of the guns can be found in local stores around Connecticut, the weapons are not yet available to buy online.

Each gun will be engraved with the Robertson family's Duck Commander company logo, which features a duck in flight, according to the Daily News.

Controversial family patriarch Phil Robertson -- who has made headlines in recent weeks for his A&E suspension, making anti-gay comments and preaching that men should marry young teenage girls -- narrates four promotional videos for the new camouflage-covered guns.

"You know what makes me happy, ladies and gentleman? To blow a mallard drake's head smooth off," Phil said in one ad.

The 67-year-old bearded reality TV star added in another clip, "Where there is design, there is a designer. We were designed to kill ducks."