Donald Trump was faced with a tough decision, so he decided not to make it.

In an unprecedented move, The Donald didn't fire anybody during last night's The Celebrity Apprentice broadcast on NBC.

The Celebrity Apprentice's seventh episode began following the previous boardroom session that saw television producer Nely Galan get the boot. 

America's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan was pleased that as project manager, Team Hydra was able to defeat Team Empresario during the previous task.  He especially took pleasure in beating The Apprentice first-season contestant and reality show retread Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, whom he described as "one of the most venomous poisons" he's ever encountered.

"Wild horses wouldn't get me to work for [Empresario]," said Piers.  "Literally, I would rather shoot myself.  I'd say, 'Mr. Trump, fire me.  But I'm not going to work for the enemy.'"

As if on cue, The Donald summoned the eight remaining candidates back into the boardroom and explained there would be a "little change up" since he's sick of watching the ladies lose.

The new Team Empresario would consist of country artist Trace Adkins, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, actor and frequent celebrity reality show participant Stephen Baldwin, and actress Marilu Henner; while the new Team Hydra would consist of supermodel Carol Alt, professional boxer Lennox Lewis, and -- of course -- Piers and Omarosa.

"I'm not sure I can do this..." said a visibly distraught Piers about being teamed with Omarosa.  "I have to work with her!"

Trump basically told Piers to suck it up before explaining the next task. 

Each team would run a Central Park horse and carriage business for a day, with each receiving three horse-drawn carriages.  While rides regularly cost $34 each, The Donald said they should try to get "much more" since the task's winner would be based on who brought in the most money.  The Apprentice advisor George Ross and Trump's daughter Ivanka would serve as his eyes and ears during the task.

Empresario decided to make Trace the project manager since he hadn't had the leadership role yet, and the team immediately got on the phone and hit-up their contacts for donations.  Stephen was able to secure a visit from his actor brother Billy Baldwin -- Billy Baldwin! -- and Marilu liked being with the three boys because they were working hard and having fun.

Piers became project manager for Hydra and immediately tried to squash his "hostilities" with Omarosa since they'd be working together.  They also quickly got on the phones and called their contacts, and Piers made it clear he thought the team member who brought in the least amount of money should be the one who gets fired -- knowing Omarosa would struggle.

"She's not really a celebrity and doesn't have that kind of pulling power," said Piers.
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The next morning as they departed for Central Park, Piers and Omarosa immediately started to argue because she spelled his name wrong on the accounting sheets.  He thought it was disrespectful since he's her boss for the task, and she replied by saying Trump was her boss, not Piers. 

Omarosa then personally attacked Piers by bringing up his children and bashing his parenting skills.  Piers called Omarosa a "disgusting little tramp," "pointless celebrity wannabe idiot," and described her personal attacks as "sickening."  Piers then fired Omarosa from Hydra, although it was quite clear she had no plans of going anywhere.

"I've never seen a bad fight like that," said Lennox.

It was a beautiful day for a carriage ride in Central Park, and Empresario picked up some roses and champagne for their potential clients.  Both teams were set-up right next to each other for the task, which began with Trace expressing his belief that he has the "best team" since they're filled with "boundless energy."

Piers and Omarosa continued to bicker as he kept explaining to her that she had been fired and she kept insulting his family, an argument that was clearly upsetting Carol and Lennox., who just tried to stay focused on the task.  Things got worse for Hydra as Billy Baldwin arrived to help Empresario.

"They've got Billy Baldwin over there!" Piers said to Lennox.

Marilu immediately started whoring Billy out to the gathering carriage crowd, and he forked over some dough to go for a ride and realized Stephen was doing a good job of "pimping" his brothers.

Piers and Lennox also had some of their contacts show up and make donations, however they weren't as recognizable as THE Billy Baldwin.  Piers specifically held back one of Hydra's carriages to cater to celebrity clientele when they arrived, but Omarosa ignored the strategy and still tried to sell tickets.  A fresh bout of bickering erupted, and Omarosa once again attacked Piers' parenting skills.  Lennox pleaded for them to stop, and described Omarosa's personal attacks as "ghetto mean and nasty."

George arrived and Empresario said they were at the $12,000 mark.  That number was about to climb as Tito's girlfriend -- porn star Jenna Jameson -- arrived.  While she's no Billy Baldwin, she still donated $1,000 for a carriage ride with Tito.

Ivanka then arrived and Omarosa got to her first, explaining how she had been fired by Piers, who eventually told Ivanka that Omarosa was a "disgusting piece of slime."

"I'm very disappointed," said Ivanka.  "A big ticket item could save them, but either way, Hydra's falling apart."

John Rich then arrived at Trace's behest and -- as the Big & Rich member put it -- country guys stick together, so he donated $5,000.

"Well they don't call me John RICH for nothing!" he said.

Trace gushed about having 100% dedication from his team, a fact that wasn't lost on Piers, who started to get nervous that Hydra was going to lose the challenge.  Omarosa called Piers "the worst project manager in the history if this game," then slung insults at his family.

The two teams then gathered for The Celebrity Apprentice's seventh boardroom, where Trump was flanked by George and Ivanka.  Piers and Omarosa both bashed each other in-front of Trump and Lennox said it was a bigger battle than when he squared off against Mike Tyson.  Piers then informed Trump that Omarosa had been personally attacking him.

"I don't think Mr. Trump that anyone on one of your shows should ever have to put up with that kind of abuse," said Piers.  "I wouldn't mind if she aimed it at me, but she aimed it at my kids all day long!  I will do anything to protect my family -- my kids in particular."

"As you should," answered Trump.

"I can tell you now," continued Piers, "I'm not working with her again on this show.  So if it comes down to us winning, I will expect you to separate us or fire me... I'm never working with her again.  She's a piece of low-life trash!"

Omarosa tried to compare her current feud with Piers to the previous blow-ups he's had with Vincent Pastore and Stephen -- however Piers said it wasn't the same since both of those arguments weren't personal attacks on family members.

"Well I can't say I hope your team loses," said Trump to Hydra.  "But to a certain extent, I hope your team loses because it's going to solve a lot of problems."

Trace said working with Empresario was "one of the nicest days" he's had on the show and couldn't single out one of his team's members as a star since they all contributed so much and performed to the best of their abilities. 

George then revealed Empresario had raised $29,673, which was good, but not enough to beat Hydra.

"I actually almost hate to say this, Hydra made $35,184," said Ivanka.

The Donald said he was in an "amazing predicament" but was happy Piers was going to get to donate both team's totals to his charity, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  Trump then said for the next task, Omarosa would be switching teams so she and Piers wouldn't have to work together again.

Hydra then left the boardroom to celebrate in the War Room -- but it wasn't much of a celebration, as Lennox described it as a "hollow victory" since Piers and Omarosa were arguing so much.

"This is very tough.  I never thought I was going to be in this position," Trump told Trace, Marilu, Stephen and Tito.  "This is the toughest thing I've had to do in a long time."

The Donald asked Trace which Empresario member didn't work as hard as the others.  He couldn't answer -- and when Trump also posed the question to the other three Empresario members -- they couldn't single anyone out either.

"I think this is the toughest decision you've ever had to face and I'm glad I'm not making it," George told Trump.  "I don't know what I would do.  This is a tough one."

"Would any of you like to resign?" Trump asked, which brought a chuckle from Empresario.  "I'm being serious."

Nobody volunteered to quit, so Trump had to try another tactic.

"This is the single hardest firing I've ever had, and I've had some tough ones," said The Donald.  "You people shouldn't even be here!  It should be the other team!  It would have been so easy if you had just won!"

"We tried!" answered Trace.

"No matter what I do it's going to be a disaster," said Trump.  "The other team was a total disaster.  I wish I could have fired one of the members of the team -- and we know exactly who we're talking about.  I'm actually stuck with four great people that did a very good job.  This team really understands this is all about charity, and I'm feeling charitable.  Tonight, in the boardroom, I'm firing no one.  That's the first time I've done this."

Trump then told Marilu she'd be taking Omarosa's place on Hydra and dismissed Empresario from the boardroom.

"This is a testament to the job we did," said Stephen.

The Celebrity Apprentice's next episode will air Thursday, February 21 at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.
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