Dominique Cooper has been playing a pretty under-the-radar game of Big Brother until now.

Dominique is a nuclear engineer who works for the government in program management. While her hometown is Tuskagee, AL, she currently resides in Woodbridge, VA.

The self-declared "dominator" said she wanted to play Big Brother as "innocent as a dove" but as "shrewd as a snake." Viewers haven't seen much of her yet, but that's about to change because this week's Head of Household, Alex Ow, nominated her for eviction alongside Jessica Graf.

Dominique has a shot to win the Power of Veto and save herself from the chopping block, but if she doesn't win it, will she expose any of her alliance members in order to throw the heat onto someone else?

Alex isn't the biggest fan of Dominique, so it will be interesting to see the dynamic that unfolds when Big Brother returns with a new episode.

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Dominique Cooper:

- Dominique was crowned "Miss Black Florida" in 2013, and she also considers herself a speaker, entrepreneur and author.

- The BB houseguest, whose 31st birthday was on July 11, graduated from the University of Tennessee. She has a Master's degree in systems and electrical engineering.

- Dominique calls herself a "spoken-word artist," whose friends dub her a "word connoisseur" with a reservation of words she uses mainly when angry.

- She wears her emotions on her face. Dominique is very expressive and it's easy for others to know exactly what she's thinking just by looking at her.

- Dominique admits her phone is her life. She uses it to read, write, FaceTime, and generate content for her YouTube channel and social-media accounts. She's not sure she could live without her phone.

- The BB houseguest loves singing in the shower, trying different restaurants, attending happy hours, reading books, creative writing, speaking and running.