Dominique Alexis is one of the remaining bachelorettes competing for Nick Viall's heart on Season 21 of The Bachelor.

Dominique is a 25-year-old restaurant server from Los Angeles, CA. Based on her resume, the brunette beauty may only be working as a waitress while pursuing an acting career. She once had a small role as a Ben Affleck fan in the short video, I'm Trumping Matt Damon.

Dominique seems to have an outgoing, bubbly and quirky personality, which Nick will probably appreciate. But will the Brooklyn girl have what it takes to win his heart? And could she become "the one?"

Below is a list of seven facts Reality TV World has compiled about Dominique Alexis:

- Dominique has one sister, Lorraine Charles, who is married and works as a resident physician. And her only brother, Stephen Alexis, serves in the United States Marine Corps.

- If Dominique could have lunch with three people dead or alive, she'd choose her grandfather, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jesus.

- Her favorite activities to do with a group include meeting for brunch and gossiping about current events, hiking and attending a concert.

- Dominique's all-time favorite movies are Titanic because it has romance, action and drama; Dirty Dancing since it's a classic; and 2012 because she has an obsession with end-of-the-world movies.

- The bachelorette can't live without her dog Cooper, family, Chipotle burritos, music and sunshine.

- Dominique would be a pineapple if she could choose to be any fruit or vegetable because she's hard on the outside and sweet on the inside.

- If she could be any fictional character, Dominique would choose Olivia Pope from Scandal since she's a strong female boss who makes her own rules and happens to be in a hot love triangle with two gorgeous men.

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