Julianne Hough is probably still at least another week away from returning to Dancing with the Stars -- at least according to her brother and fellow dance professional Derek Hough.

"[She's] probably not going to be back next week. Even if she wanted to -- and she does want to -- we're not gonna let her. We're gonna make sure she's in bed," Hough told Entertainment Tonight after Dancing with the Stars' Monday night performance show.

Hough said that one of the reasons for delaying her comeback was to allow her more time to rest before resuming the stresses that come with dancing on a regular basis. However, he added that her recovery has been moving along well and that she has progressed to the point where she is no longer bed-ridden.

"She's getting better. The first couple days after the surgery were a nightmare, she was in a lot of pain. But she's a fighter, [she's] up and about. I've seen her and she's getting a lot better," Hough told ET.

Hough's celebrity partner Cody Linley told ET that he had visited her and, while acknowledging that she wasn't quite her usual "chipper self" due to her recovery, said that she was healing well. He also added that Hough said that she would be voting for him and Edyta Sliwinska, who is filling in for her during her absence.

Linley and Sliwinska performed a waltz on Monday's Dancing with the Stars performance show. The judges weren't overly impressed with the dance and only gave the pair a score of 22, however they also noted that Linley and Sliwinska were still getting to know each other.

After performing his waltz, Linley admitted that he had been nervous about switching partners to Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris, but said he has also been enjoying dancing with Sliwinska.

"It was tough. I was really, really nervous going into it [to be honest] because I've been with Julianne forever, she knows me," Linley told Harris. "Edyta and I, our relationship is new and we gotta have that chemistry, but she's been amazing. I trust her 100% and I think it was a great waltz."

Linley also reiterated that Hough was "doing great" and "looked awesome." He also revealed that he had spoken to her right before going onstage for his performance.

"She wished me luck, and she was like 'I know that you'll do it awesome, Edyta's amazing,'" Linley said. "She said sorry she cant be here. she was like 'I wanna be there with you, but I know you're gonna rock it.'"