DeMario Jackson is reportedly done with Bachelor in Paradise and still reeling from the aftermath of the sex scandal.

According to sources close to DeMario, the bachelor will not be returning to Mexico as filming of Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season resumes, TMZ reported.

DeMario was reportedly asked back to Paradise after Warner Bros. finished its "misconduct" investigation and determined there was no wrongdoing on his part regarding his alleged sexual encounter with Corinne Olympios in a public pool at the resort. Show producers allegedly spoke to DeMario's lawyers when extending the invitation.

The sources claim DeMario has suffered anxiety while living in hiding and being subjected to scrutiny in light of allegations of sexual assault. DeMario is even seeing a therapist now, according to TMZ.

DeMario is reportedly upset and frustrated that his name will forever be linked to a sex scandal, even though Warner Bros. found him innocent.

Instead of another reality TV stint, DeMario -- who was reportedly fired from his job as an executive recruiter -- is looking to become an on-air personality.

Other insiders say, however, DeMario has yet to make a decision on whether he'll give Paradise another shot.

The TMZ sources have also revealed that Corinne has not been asked back to Bachelor in Paradise and there is a high probability she will never appear on any show in The Bachelor franchise again.

Many reality TV stars appeared to confirm their Bachelor in Paradise participation in the reboot on Tuesday, only hours after Warner Bros. announced the show would continue and an ABC spokesperson confirmed Season 4 will still premiere in Summer 2017.

Amanda Stanton, Jasmine Goode, Raven Gates, Lacey Mark, Taylor Nolan, Alexis Waters, and Vinny Ventiera all hinted about traveling back to Sayulita, Mexico on social media.

New bachelors and bachelorettes will be added to the lineup as several original fourth-season cast members decline their invitation to return, People reported, likely because they committed to other jobs or projects during the time production was suspended.

Being "left in the dark" during the scandal also allegedly pissed a lot of people off.

When contestants were called about the opportunity to film this week, they were reportedly told "a new adventure" awaits them and they must clear their schedules until the end of July 2017. Producers allegedly offered $12,500 in compensation with an opportunity to earn more money.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, cast members were told they'd be returning to Paradise for an extended filming period through July 5. Originally, the season was scheduled to be filmed from June 1-27, with the premiere date set for Tuesday, August 8 on ABC.