Corinne Olympios says she's a victim in the Bachelor in Paradise scandal despite Warner Bros. concluding there was no evidence of sexual misconduct, and her boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky is standing by her.

"I have known Corinne for over 10 years and as a friend or boyfriend, she will continue to receive my unwavering loyalty and support until I decide that there is a legitimate reason not to give it," Jordan told E! News.

"Anything the public may perceive that is coming from me is pure speculation. There is an ongoing inquiry that must follow a course to its conclusion before I can fully comment."

Reports have circulated that since Corinne had a boyfriend back home while filming Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season, she probably felt ashamed to have hooked up with another guy and therefore allegedly embellished on the facts of her hookup with DeMario Jackson.

Bachelor in Paradise suspended production earlier this month after a producer filed a complaint with Warner Bros. alleging misconduct when Corinne and DeMario had a sexual encounter in a public pool at a Mexican resort. Both Corinne and DeMario had been drinking heavily that day, and the producer was reportedly concerned Corinne could not provide proper consent.

In the days that followed, Corinne called this situation her "worst nightmare" in a June 14 statement and said she's been "dealing with physical and emotional trauma stemming from that evening" in Paradise, but DeMario argued he did nothing wrong and insisted his character has been "assassinated with false claims and malicious allegations."

Although Warner Bros. ended its Bachelor in Paradise investigation and determined there was no wrongdoing on anyone's part, Corinne's legal team is moving forward with its own investigation.

In the meantime, Jordan said he is trying to gather more information on the "misconduct" allegations before releasing a full statement.

"I pay very little attention to the media and try to ignore all the conjecture surrounding my relationship with Corinne," Jordan told E! News. "The only two people who know the true disposition of our relationship is Corinne and I."

Corinne may have the support of her boyfriend, but most of the Bachelor in Paradise cast appears to be backing DeMario. Several cast members have even unfollowed Corinne on social media.

Corinne's friend and castmate from both Bachelor in Paradise and Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, Jasmine Goode, told the Daily Mail on the record earlier this week that Corinne was not a victim, nor was she traumatized or intoxicated enough to claim she was sexually assaulted.

Jasmine, in fact, called DeMario a "good guy" as well as a man who is "sweet and not aggressive one bit."

Similarly, Raven Gates -- who appeared on the same two Bachelor shows as Jasmine and Corinne -- recently said on Facebook, according to RadarOnline: "I'm so sick to my stomach for the pain DeMario is going through. I love Corinne but she was very coherent that day."

Raven continued, "After this incident she proceeded to make out with 3 other men, straddling them, and jumping on them. I witnessed this myself. Along with her saying that her boyfriend was going to be mad at her... As an eyewitness myself, a friend of Corinne's, and as a woman, I would have stepped in if she needed me."

DeMario's friend recently told Daily Mail the producer who filed the complaint is a good friend of Corinne's who wanted to avoid a situation from happening in which Corinne looked reckless and classless on-camera and would damage her plans for her own reality show following Bachelor in Paradise.

"The [producer] is Corrine's best friend. Her best friend came up to her and basically told her that showing off her p--sy in public and letting DeMario go down on her in public was going to make her look bad and that fooling around with so many other guys was going to hurt her image for the new show," said the friend.

"The deal was Corrine was suppose to do Bachelor in Paradise, and then get her own show afterwards. Corrine freaked out, and all of a sudden changed her tune."

Jasmine had alleged Corinne was acting perfectly fine after her sexual encounter with DeMario in Paradise and had nothing bad to say about the bachelor afterwards. Jasmine even assumed Corinne and DeMario were going to become a couple on the show.

Warner Bros. announced on June 20 that Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise will resume filming, and an ABC spokesperson confirmed the show will still premiere in Summer 2017. It's unclear at this point whether Corinne and DeMario will return to Mexico.