DeMario Jackson shared his side of the story in regards to the Corinne Olympios scandal in a sit-down interview with Chris Harrison during Tuesday night's Bachelor in Paradise broadcast. 

DeMario's interview with the franchise host was emotional and candid.

DeMario had dealt with accusations and assumptions for weeks he had sexually assaulted an intoxicated Corinne on Day 1 of filming Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season in June.

Warner Bros., however, conducted an investigation and determined after about 10 days there was no evidence of wrongdoing on the set. Ever since then, DeMario has been trying to get his life back to normal and clear his name.

Bachelor in Paradise cast members Raven Gates, Jasmine Goode, Derek Peth, Robby Hayes and Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland joined DeMario for the interview.

The whole group of bachelors and bachelorettes agreed there was never a concern about DeMario and Corinne's friendly relationship in Paradise, as the couple's dynamic wasn't even uncomfortable or awkward to be around following the sexual encounter in question.

Raven said it was "disgusting" how the media portrayed DeMario as a man who had taken advantage of someone unable to provide consent.

Derek told Chris that "90 percent of information" circulating in the press was false or inaccurate, and Jasmine noted that there was no victim in the situation and she didn't appreciate how DeMario was treated.

Corinne had released a June statement calling herself a traumatized "victim" in the situation, which had prompted both Raven and Jasmine to make public statements about how that simply was not the case. Jasmine even suggested at the time Corinne was the person instigating multiple hookups in Paradise and she should be held accountable for her own wild behavior.

As a result, Raven and Jasmine were slammed for allegedly "slut-shaming" Corinne and blaming her for the incident.

However, Raven insisted on the Bachelor in Paradise episode that it was never their intention to put down Corinne -- the pair just couldn't be silent as they watched DeMario, his friends and his family suffer.

When DeMario joined Chris onstage, he recalled how June 11 was difficult for all of his loved ones.

DeMario recalled how his introduction to Corinne in Paradise was "pretty dry" but then flirtation escalated quickly. DeMario said his first date with Corinne "got turned up," explaining that they were having drinks at the bar, one thing led to another, and then they were making out in the pool after about an hour.

"Things got intense," DeMario noted, "[but I] didn't think anything of it."

DeMario told Chris that the next day, everything was fine and he even talked to Corinne about silly things, such as her hobby of making pies. DeMario insisted he "never once" thought he'd end up in the middle of this scandal.

When he found out production on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise was being shut down, DeMario admitted, "I cried in my hotel room. I was sad... [a producer] told me something about a third party... [filing] a complaint about [me] and Corinne."

DeMario said he asked the producer if Corinne had said anything, and he said no. The producer alleged at the time that Corinne was fine and there was no issue, so DeMario did not understand why they were even having that conversation.

"I was confused," DeMario noted, and "extremely emotional."

DeMario was upset cameras stopped rolling because he thought he had already "left a bad taste in people's mouths" from his appearance on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. After all, a woman named Lexi -- claiming to be DeMario's girlfriend at the time -- confronted Rachel on a group date and claimed DeMario was a cheater and a liar.

DeMario felt he just "couldn't catch a break," and he said he began worrying about the Bachelor in Paradise staff losing their jobs for the summer. DeMario grew emotional over thoughts of families being unable to provide for their families, school tuition and such.

DeMario then told Chris that he had no idea what he was going home to in June, and he actually sent Corinne a message joking around about how they "broke Paradise." DeMario thought the media was going to report how Corinne and himself were "crazy" and "got kicked off" the show -- nothing serious.

Once he got home to California from Mexico, DeMario recalled telling his parents that he got the boot from Paradise and his father joking about how reality TV just isn't for his son.

But a scandal soon erupted and made national news, and DeMario was shocked to find himself smack dab in the middle of it.

DeMario pointed out that the media coverage was "nuts" and he was even being followed to the gym. DeMario claimed he lost 25 pounds due to stress because he was experiencing "every man's biggest fear."

DeMario then revealed his lowest point to Chris throughout the whole ordeal: "I read an article that said I took a limp Corinne out of the pool, had sex with her while producers filmed, and her friend tried to run in and stop [it] but producers stopped her friend. I mean, who wrote that?! Who consigned that?"

DeMario added, "It was difficult because I know who I am and I know I'm not that monster they are trying to portray on TV."

DeMario, however, tried to keep his head up during tough times because he wanted to set a good example for the children he mentors. DeMario was also very thankful to his Bachelor in Paradise castmates for having his back and showing much love and support.

During his interview with Chris, DeMario started bawling when discussing how much these past two months have affected his mother.

"Seeing her cry every single day, it was difficult man," DeMario said, barely able to compose himself. "We're best friends, and I had to make her deactivate everything [online] because she was going to war defending me."

Chris apologized to DeMario for having to go through such an awful situation, and the bachelor attributed his current healthy mental state to "family, friends and Kanye West."

DeMario wished he could have spoken with Corinne before events were blown out of proportion, but he said he felt bad for her because she was being slut-shamed and treated terribly.

As of right now, DeMario told Chris that he is working very hard to rebuild his spirits, adding that he will never let this scandal get him down because he refuses to be the person whom critics and haters want him to be. DeMario concluded that he's going to continue being his "fun-loving self."