Bachelor in Paradise lost Danielle Maltby but gained Sarah Vendal and Dominique Alexis during Tuesday night's Season 4 broadcast on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise episode began where Monday night's broadcast had left off, with Amanda Stanton telling the cameras that Dean Unglert's pursuit of Danielle Lombard was "insensitive" to Kristina Schulman, who was fighting for their relationship and dealing with insecurity and confusion due to Dean's inconsistent affection.

Matt Munson felt Kristina and Dean could connect on a deeper level and were a good fit. Meanwhile, Raven Gates was hoping to advance her romance with Adam Gottschalk after giving him a rose at the prior Rose Ceremony.

However, Raven's friend Sarah Vendal then arrived at the Playa Escondida resort in Mexico with a Date Card.

Jack Stone thought Sarah had a fun and bubbly personality, and Ben Zorn thought she was beautiful. Raven, however, knew Sarah had eyes for Adam because when production was shut down for almost two weeks, the girls had spent a night with Adam in Dallas and Raven woke up the next morning to find Sarah and Adam cuddling.

Since Raven and Sarah were good friends, the dynamic was a little awkward. Adam told Sarah that while Raven was "a great girl," he would "of course" say yes to a date if she decided to ask him out.

Sarah felt guilty about her feelings for Adam considering Raven was getting to know him, but Raven gave the bachelorette her blessing to enjoy a date with Adam.

But the majority of the cast in Paradise attempted to convince Sarah to take Ben out on a date.

Everyone was gushing about how wonderful Ben was, as well as sweet and cool. Sarah questioned, however, why none of the other girls were going after Ben if he was so amazing. The group was selling Ben hard, telling Sarah that he'd make for a great father and husband.

Ben and Sarah got a chance to talk afterwards, and Ben appeared to only talk about his dog back home. Sarah wasn't exactly seeing fireworks during their conversation, so she went with her gut and asked Adam out instead.

Adam went into the date with an open mind and heart, regardless of how the invitation was going to affect Raven.

At the start of Adam's date, he accidentally -- and hilariously -- called Sarah "Rachel" in a confessional and started cracking up.

Adam then told Sarah at dinner that he had a history of jumping into relationships too fast without feelings being reciprocated. Sarah said they had a lot on common because she also goes "all in" to romances and takes risks, often to be disappointed by the men she's interested in.

Sarah thought she and Adam had great chemistry, and Adam was optimistic because he said Sarah had something Raven lacked, some type of energy. Adam told Sarah that he would've asked her out in the real world if the opportunity presented itself, and Sarah seemed grateful Adam would have called her after their encounter in Dallas.

Sarah noted that her experience in Paradise so far was like a Nicholas Sparks book unfolding in real life.

Meanwhile, Danielle M. wasn't feeling a connection with anyone. The only person she was potentially interested in was one of her best friends from back home, Wells Adams the bartender, whom she called "totally dateable." Danielle and Wells jokingly agreed to marry each other in five years if they were both single.

With the second Rose Ceremony right around the corner, Raven pointed out that there were 11 girls and eight guys, so the guys would be handing out the roses and three bachelorettes would be going home.

Lacey was one of the women who had yet to establish a romantic connection with anybody, and she assumed no guy cared about her enough to give her a rose and keep her around. Lacey felt down in the dumps -- until she received a Date Card.

Lacey talked to all the guys in Paradise and ultimately determined Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland should accompany her on the date because they had potential for romance. Lacey was looking for a boyfriend, not just a male friend, so she knew what she wanted.

For the date, Bachelor in Paradise's famous former bartender, Jorge, led the couple on a horseback ride along the beach. The trio then enjoyed champagne on the beach and Jorge revealed it was the spot where his parents had conceived him. Lacey and Diggy were apparently feeling weird with Jorge's constant presence on their date, so Diggy asked if they could have some time alone.

With that being said, Lacey and Diggy engaged in good conversation and shared a sweet kiss. Diggy said Lacey was a "great girl," and Lacey hoped this was the start of something really good between them. 

Back at the resort, Wells revealed to Jack that he and Danielle M. actually went on a date four years ago but became such good friends that neither of them ever crossed the friendship line again in fear of ruining their special bond. It was clear, however, that Wells deeply cared for the neonatal nurse, whom he said was "way too good" for him and out of his league.

Wells said Danielle M. was one of the best people he knew, and she felt the same way about him.

But since Wells wasn't allowed to date in Paradise, Danielle M. decided to leave in order to go on a mission trip to Africa to help children.

Shortly after Danielle M. made that decision, Dominique arrived at the resort, and Adam said she looked like "a tropical princess." Ben agreed Dominique was "looking good," and Diggy never seemed so excited in Paradise. Lacey knew Dominique was a threat because she wasn't in a relationship with Diggy yet.

Taylor Nolan and Dominique are also close friends, so Lacey worried Taylor would talk Diggy into going out with Dominique. Lacey didn't think Taylor liked her for some reason.

Taylor did, in fact, convince Diggy to ask out Dominique because they both have such great style and personalities, but her match-making effort wasn't intended to be at Lacey's expense. Taylor later cleared the air with Lacey, but Lacey wanted the cast members to stay out of each other's business.

Dominique did eventually ask Diggy on her date, and Diggy didn't even bother to check in with Lacey first. Lacey cried in frustration because she said there was a 0.5 percent chance of the new couple not getting along. Lacey wished she had given her rose to Nick Benvenutti because he had left the show angry at her.

Lacey was starting to think her trip to Mexico wasn't worth it, and she was upset about not finding the right person for her.

On Diggy and Dominique's date that night, Diggy noted thought she looked amazing with her killer smile, braids and "popping" nose ring. Diggy felt like a king next to this woman, and he assured Dominique that there was really nothing going on between Lacey and himself because they were simply on "two different wavelengths."

Diggy and Dominique ate strawberries and ended up sharing a steamy kiss before sitting in a steamy hot tub. Diggy looked forward to seeing what could develop in Paradise, and Dominique gushed to the cameras about how the bachelor swept her off her feet and gave her "butterflies." Dominique was digging Diggy!

Danielle M. was then shown departing Paradise. She vented about how she hadn't called a man her "boyfriend" in six years, but she had no intention to settle. Jack and Ben were sad to see the bachelorette go because she's beautiful and kind, but neither of them really had a romantic connection with her.

Danielle M. wished she had more time with Wells, but that wasn't the case. The bartender then walked her out of the resort, telling the cameras first that she is so "nice and cute and bubbly."

While hugging her goodbye and saying she deserved to find love on this show, Wells went in for a big kiss. Wells said it "sucked" that Danielle M. had to leave because she's one of the best people he knows.

On her way out of Paradise, Danielle giggled to the cameras about how Wells' kiss was completely unexpected, and she called it a "surreal moment" -- in addition to revealing that Wells was a good kisser.

"I'll have some things to talk about when I get back [to Tennessee]," Danielle M. said in her final words.