Dean Unglert is one of only six bachelors remaining on Season 13 of The Bachelorette starring Rachel Lindsay.

Dean is a 26-year-old startup recruiter from Venice, CA. He accompanied Rachel on one of the most romantic one-on-one dates so far this season when they took a ride over Hilton Head, South Carolina in the famous Goodyear blimp.

The couple's connection also grew when they danced to live country music by Russell Dickerson.

Although Dean was hesitant to open up to women in the past, he shared with Rachel how his family fell apart following his mother's death from breast cancer when he was only 15-years-old.

Rachel tried her best to stay strong for Dean during that story, but her heart opened for him that day and she wanted nothing more than to comfort him.

Dean proved his maturity to Rachel and insisted he can't wait to be a husband and a father. So will his young age ultimately matter to the 32-year-old Dallas attorney? And do they have enough time left to fall in love?

Below is a list of 9 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Dean Unglert:

- Dean works as a lead recruiter for StartupTAP in Los Angeles. He's held this position for two years.

- The 6'2" suitor has many tattoos -- his mom's initials on his chest, artwork on his back, a friend's initials on his back, the word "Righteous" on his inner lip, Latin on his hip, and Triforce on his inner arm.

- Dean has a black dog that appears to be part lab named Nala, whom he calls his "little nugget." He watched The Bachelorette premiere with Nala.

- Dean enjoys golfing, rock climbing, surfing, and snowboarding. He appears to love anything that keeps him active and provides a rush.

- The Season 13 suitor received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, General from UCCS, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

- When Dean was very young, his family lived in a mobile home. The bachelor said one of his fondest memories is sitting on top of the home with his brothers watching a demolition derby and eating Oreos.

- If Dean was stranded on a "dessert island" of his choice, it would be made of hot Cheetos and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

- Dean loves it when his date can keep him laughing all night and also demands to be pursued, because he said nothing good comes easy.


- If he could go anywhere in the United States, Dean would choose Hawaii because he's never been there and his mother wanted her ashes scattered there.

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