Deal or No Deal and Howie Do It host Howie Mandel has been released from the hospital after collapsing in a Toronto hotel on Monday evening, according to the host and comedian's mother.

"He's doing fine," Evy Mandel told Canada's Canwest wire service on Tuesday. "They could have let him go but they said, 'Hey, you know what, let's keep you here overnight. I'm just thankful he is fine."

Mandel's mother said the comedian, who was in his hometown of Toronto taping his new NBC hidden camera show Howie Do It, unexpectedly fainted in front of her on Monday evening. Although he regained consciousness, he subsequently fainted a second time, prompting a call for an ambulance, she told Canwest.

"I saw him and he just fainted. He just went out," she said. "It was just horrendous. I don't know what happened."

"It has never happened before," she added.

Paramedics arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Toronto where the Mandels were staying shortly after 7PM. Mandel told Canwest that after putting an oxygen mask on her son -- whom police reported was "concious and breathing" by the time of their arrival -- he was transported to Toronto's St. Michaels Hospital overnight for observation.

Although Howie Mandel's publicist Lewis Kay had originally told the press that the comedian was being monitored for an irregular heartbeat, his mother told Canwest that wasn't what he was suffering from, nor had he -- as some media outlets had reported -- experienced severe chest pains.