Dave Crosby peaked the interest of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus on The Voice, and the artist chose to join Adam's team.

Dave, a 30-year-old YouTube sensation from Seattle, WA, took the stage with "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" for his Blind Audition on The Voice's currently-airing thirteenth season.

"I went into the competition pretty sure I was going to pick Blake or Adam if I had the opportunity. Obviously you just want one chair to turn and you don't care what it is," Dave told Reality TV World after advancing on the NBC reality singing competition.

"But being in that situation where you're just like blown away and amazed that you just got, you know, for me, three chairs turn, you just feel so grateful and blessed. So I kind of decided beforehand to choose Blake or Adam."

Adam reacted to Dave's performance "impulsively," saying the "beauty and purity" of his voice is "irreplaceable."

After his audition, Dave's adorable four-year-old daughter -- who stars in the YouTube videos with him -- joined him onstage and sang "You've Got a Friend In Me" while her dad played guitar, which melted everyone's heart, but Adam made it clear this competition is strictly about Dave. And that's when Dave joined Adam's team.

"As they kind of talked to me and each made their individual cases... through that process, it felt like Adam and Miley were fighting really hard for me. Blake, not as much. I mean, he was still great and said some great things to me, but I felt like Adam and Miley were really fighting hard for me," Dave explained.

"And so I was super close to picking Miley because, for me, it's like Miley said, my voice is kind of unique and it's different... It's not like I'm doing crazy runs like everyone else. For me, song choice is just really important and just I have to pick the right songs for my voice on that."

Dave reiterated to Reality TV World how he was looking for a coach who could really help him choose the best songs to sing in the competition.

"That was what I was really listening for from Adam and Miley, and both of them sold me on that really hard. For me, honestly it just came down to [the fact] Adam turned for me 10 seconds into my song and Miley turned at the last second," Dave revealed.

Dave apparently appreciated the fact Adam was sold on him as a potential team member almost immediately upon hearing his voice.

"Adam was believing in me from the very beginning, and I just believe that he would pick really good songs for me. So that's why I ended up picking Adam in the end," Dave explained.