Mitchell Lee became a member of Blake Shelton's team after auditioning for The Voice's thirteenth season, but his decision was apparently a very spontaneous one.

"Before going into the Blind Auditions, I actually was thinking I was going to choose Miley Cyrus, if I had a choice," Mitchell, a 29-year-old woodworker and aspiring dentist from Nashville, TN, told Reality TV World after advancing on the NBC reality singing competition.

But Miley did not press her button for Mitchell, who only sparked interest from Blake and fellow coaches Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson for his rendition of "Hold My Hand."

"I'll say that I was really just hoping for a chair to turn. The fact that Miley did not turn does not bother me because I was not expecting for three chairs to turn," Mitchell admitted of his audition.

"The reason why I was going to pick Miley is, although she kind of forged her career in the pop world, especially lately, her return kind of back to her roots and her kind of folky, sort of country thing, I thought catching her in that crossroads was a good thing for me because I didn't identify myself as an exact country artist, but kind of a Southern pop-rock thing."

Miley is also 24-years-old, so her take on the music industry is hip and fresh.

"Her being similar in age to me, I felt like we sort of could have been in the same world and figured out how to work well together," Mitchell explained.

"Now, that being said -- although that would have been really nice -- since she didn't turn, what that did, is it put me in a predicament because without expecting the three chairs to turn, I had to listen very intently to figure out who, now, was I going to pick? Because I didn't have a name going in."

After Mitchell sang, Adam told the artist that he hit notes with purpose and dynamics, showing there's no "BS" to his singing. Adam added that it's a bonus Mitchell is such a good-looking guy and he could go far in the competition.

Blake pointed out how he loves to work with country and rock artists, and Jennifer added that Mitchell appeared very comfortable onstage and would have his own lane on the show.

"So listening to them, I'll admit that I changed my mind almost 15 times trying to come up with who I was going to say if they were to turn around and ask me, 'Okay, now who do you pick?' I didn't want to say, 'Well, I don't know yet.' So it definitely was the craziest experience going in," Mitchell told Reality TV World.

"Having to choose and having three of these people fight over me was an amazing experience. I actually felt like I was in somebody else's body watching it happen."

So which argument made Mitchell choose Blake as his coach in the end?
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"What got me eventually was Blake said that it was really going to come down to the really smart song choices that would showcase me being kind of a pop-rock guy with a Southern undertone, which is what I identified as," Mitchell recalled.

"But all the coaches kind of had me at one point and I ultimately decided to go with Blake."