The Voice eliminated Darby Walker and determined the eleventh season's Top 10 artists during Tuesday night's live results broadcast on NBC.

Darby Walker, a 17-year-old from Atlanta, GA, landed in the bottom two with Aaron Gibson, a 25-year-old from Atlanta, GA who currently resides in Kennesaw, GA, based on home viewer votes cast following Monday night's Top 11 performance show.

After both artists sang a survival song last night, America tweeted via the show's "Instant Save" format to keep Aaron in the competition. They're both on Miley Cyrus' team.

On Wednesday, Darby talked to Reality TV World about her The Voice experience. Below is what she had to say.

Reality TV World: Sa'Rayah told me last week she felt she had no shot to win the "Instant Save" against Aaron because competing against him was like competing directly against Miley Cyrus, who has an enormous following on social media, more so than the other coaches. So why do you think two of her team members fell into the bottom two this week? Do you have any theories?

Darby Walker: I mean, I have my own theories. Miley is someone who I have the utmost respect for and I love her with all my heart, but at the end of the day, she's a figure that either people love and some people don't love.

And we talked about this offstage. She believes it's a reflection of what people feel towards her and that it's not fair we were both in the bottom two, and I can agree with that. I can agree with that.

I think people project -- they completely project their feelings of her towards me, which is something I kind of expected going into it. And I have no regrets about any of the songs I sang. I think, at the end of the day, I think that's what it really boils down to.

And when it comes to the whole social media following, I think that has to go with the demographic that was voting for the "Instant Save" as well. So, yeah, it's tricky.

Reality TV World: The public perception seemed to be that you were one of the underdogs, and some of the favorites to win -- like Billy Gilman, for example -- have undeniably huge, powerful voices. So how did you feel you stacked up against the competition? Up until last night, how confident were you that you could win the show?

Darby Walker: Honestly, I'm not just a voice; I'm an artist. And I think that's what I completely brought to the table. I brought my artistry with me. Performing with Billy Gilman and all of those people, I love them all. I love them all. They are all extremely talented.

But when it comes to stacking up against them, I'm completely confident and comfortable. The music that I put out and the messages that I put out, and what I was doing, it was so much more than just singing big and singing big songs.
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I can sing a big song if I want! I mean, I could do that. But for me, it was about standing for something and really introducing to the world who I am.

Reality TV World: You said you have no regrets about your song choices, but do you think you may have fared better choosing a different "Instant Save" song last night? Something other than "Your Song" by Elton John even though you loved the tune?

Darby Walker: It's something I've thought about, but it's not something I'm going to keep thinking about. I mean, honestly, I picked a song (laughs), like the way I looked at it was, "Darby, you have to choose an 'Instant Save' song. Sing something that everyone knows and loves. And sing something that you love."

And "Your Song" by Elton John, I've never met anyone who doesn't love that song. So, no, I mean, I don't think I would've sang a different song. It's something that means a lot to me.

And again, if I was going to sing something and that was going to be my last song, I'm glad I got to put out one last little message of love and one last little tidbit of light and one last little tidbit of Darby.

Reality TV World: What was your reaction when Miley saved you over Belle Jewel Lyon and Sophia Urista heading into the Top 12? Was that a shock or did you feel your connection with Miley was so strong that you kind of anticipated her decision?

Darby Walker: I mean, I never like to fully anticipate anything. But no, it was something that was really, really satisfying and gratifying, if that makes sense. It's like, I believe that we had that relationship, so for her to pick me and really believe in what I was doing, it was something that was so special!

For both of us, my presence on the show meant more than just singing good songs. I think that's why we had such a good time and why we did connect so well, because we're both people who stand for a cause. We're both people who are out there every day trying to spread some light. So, I mean, I was surprised but I wasn't surprised.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for more from Darby Walker's post-The Voice interview.