Danielle Lombard was a frontrunner on The Bachelor, and from a viewer's perspective, Nick Viall had a very sudden change of heart about their romance.

After Viall eliminated Whitney Fransway on his two-on-one date with Lombard in St. Thomas on Monday night's episode, it seemed like a given Lombard would receive the date's only rose.

"Although saying goodbye to Whitney was hard, I still had Danielle. Danielle and I had a great one-on-one back in Wisconsin, but since then I felt like we lost some of our momentum," Viall wrote in his People blog.

"I felt good about the time we shared on the beach, but I felt like I wasn't ready to hand out a rose yet. I decided that evening for us would be make or break."

When night fell, it became clear Viall had become unattached to the small business owner and seemingly checked out of the relationship.

"Sitting with Danielle that evening, I can't really put my finger on what felt off, but I just didn't feel the same confidence as I did in Wisconsin," Viall wrote.

"I had seen myself going to Danielle's hometown, and maybe even further, but over the weeks that followed Wisconsin that started to slip away. I saw this evening as an opportunity to get back on track."

While Viall was probably trying to make sense of his feelings and put them into words at the dinner table, Lombard gushed about how she was falling in love with The Bachelor star and could absolutely envision a future with him.

"It wasn't until Danielle told me she loved me that I knew I couldn't say the words back. I felt instantly heartbroken. Heartbroken over hurting this woman who allowed herself to be vulnerable -- heartbroken because I had felt so confident a week prior," Viall explained.

Much to Lombard's shock and disappointment, Viall sent her home in the middle of dinner. Lombard cried in the limo about how she must not have been perfect enough for Viall and felt blindsided and confused.

"Saying goodbye was very emotional for me," Viall admitted. "I was sad to see Danielle go, but I also felt a sense of doubt. Doubt that this might not actually work for me in the end."

As The Bachelor viewers saw, Viall "decided to go talk to the women" that were left because he "needed to be honest" about where his head was at. He was starting to fear this process may not work for him or his The Bachelorette history of losing love might repeat itself.
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"I owed it to them," Viall noted. "Tune in next week to see what I decide to do. I think you'll all be a little shocked with the surprising decision I make... I know the women were."