At least one of the show's remaining contestants isn't upset about the fact that Julianne Hough and her celebrity partner Hannah Montana actor Cody Linley were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars' seventh-season competition on Tuesday night.

"She was the one I was scared of the most," singer Lance Bass told People magazine about Hough on Wednesday. "She's the queen of Dancing with the Stars and I know that she knows how to win this thing. I love her so much, but I'm glad she's gone and I don't have to face her."

Bass -- who has spent the season dancing with first-time Dancing with the Stars professional Lacey Schwimmer -- had good reason to be worried about Hough as the 20-year-old dancer is a two-time recipient of Dancing with the Stars' mirror ball trophy.

Hough won the competition in back-to-back seasons, claiming Dancing with the Stars' Spring 2007 fourth-season title with speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno and then defending her title with IndyCar racer Helio Castroneves during last fall's fifth edition of the show. 

However, Bass also acknowledged that he's still facing some strong competition despite Hough's elimination -- particularly from former Rock Star host Brooke Burke, who has been dancing with Hough's older brother Derek Hough.

"She's definitely the one I'm looking at," Bass told People of Burke. "She's been in first place every week and the judges seem to absolutely love her. She could pee on the floor and they would give her 10's for it."

Bass and Schwimmer received three 10's of their own -- their first perfect scores of the season -- from the judges for one of their two dances during Monday night's Dancing with the Stars' semifinal performance show, but he doesn't plan to rest on his laurels during next week's finale.

"Really in the finals it comes down to who dances the best," Bass told People. "It doesn't have to do with personality or anything, it's just really who dances the best that night. It's been a rough ride but I can't believe I made it."